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2 years, 11 months ago

Yesterday the community Mozilla declared the termination of sales of smartphones on the OS Firefox platform. The declaration took place at the Mozlando conference. Thus, in three years after the beginning of development, the project is recognized unfortunate.

The senior vice-president for mobile devices in the address wrote the following:
We are proud of that advantage which was introduced in a web platform, and we will continue experiments with experience of users on mobile devices. We will build our projects on the basis of the open code, first of all thinking of the user experience and to develop the tools promoting growth of an ecosystem.

Firefox of OS was proved by flexibility of a web platform capable to work both at the simplest smartphones, and at HD TVs. But as we could not offer the best user experience, we stop distribution of smartphones on OS Firefox. Soon we will share with you additional information concerning our projects for mobile devices.

The OS from Mozilla for the first time was shown on public in 2012 on Android-compatible devices. OS Firefox – an operating system in which applications do not need downloading and installation and work in online at once. At the same time the JavaScript and HTML5 technologies are their cornerstone.

By the principle of operation of applications in online of Firefox of OS it is similar to the concept of Chrome OS and ChromeBook notebooks from Google. This concept was recognized by the unsuccessful and company Google: it is going to wind up gradually independent development of Chrome OS and to include all practices in upcoming version of mobile Android OS.

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