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The Tom's Guide log (the former Gear Digest) which since 2007 tests devices including for smart houses, made a rating of the products best in their opinion for smart houses in 2015.

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

In spite of the fact that the industry of smart houses still develops, quantity of smart products for the house – devices which allow to control lighting, climate, anything up to the crock-pot from the smartphone – grows with a huge speed.

From GE to Belkin and Home Depot, a set of brands create not just gadgets, and the whole ecosystems. And all of them can be managed from normal iOS or the Android-device. There are, by and large, two options: to select the pleasant inexpensive gadgets and to collect them in system on the discretion, or to rely on ready system of automation of the smart house. In the latter case all work for you is done by the integrator. Therefore we selected several best, in our opinion, representatives from both categories – both ready systems, and separate gadgets.

The best smart thermostat

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

Compatibility with smartphones: iOS, Android
Covers many rooms: yes
Installation by the hands: yes
Motion sensor: yes

Ecobee thermostat very futuristic gadget. It has an excellent design, management with the help a touchscreen. But its main feature is in what vendors of thermostats had to think many years ago of: how to create in each room of the house, suitable for it, temperature. In a case with Ecobee the small wireless sensor is installed in the room and transfers to the thermostat this, necessary for decision-making to raise or lower temperature. This smart solution!

In comparison with similar products, Ecobee possesses most complete set of the necessary functions, access to which without problems can be got through its mobile application. Of course, there is a wish that it was compatible to a large number of other devices, but meanwhile it is completely compatible to epplovsky HomeKit. And of course, an opportunity to set climatic parameters for each zone of the house separately allows this thermostat to be in the lead with a considerable separation from competitors.

The best surveillance camera

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

Third generation of magnificent Dropcam is provided by this two hundred-dollar camera which shoots video in 1080r (instead of former 720r). It is supplied with the magnetic basis with the hinge thanks to which it is possible to fix it practically anywhere. The camera supports bilateral audio, accurate night shooting and possesses powerful approach, and also is easily integrated with different products for smart houses, such as Nest Learning Thermostat, for example. For additional $10 a month it is possible to subscribe for the Nest Aware program within which along with other functions, it is possible to store the videos in a cloud.

The best smart column

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

It is Amazon Echo: on the one hand, unpretentious Bluetooth column for $180, on the other hand, the device which, thanks to a set of voice functions, can be used for control of other gadgets of the smart house. Also the column can be connected to different hubs for smart houses, from Belkin to Samsung. Still she can read aloud audiobooks, check weather, and with its help it is possible even to shop online (still! Amazon!) by means of voice actuation. And by the way, if to use this column for designated purpose, then and a sound from it quite good in itself.

The best smoke detector

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

In spite of the fact that beautiful and graceful Nest Protect Smoke still perfectly suits those who need the device 2v1 which would be connected to several devices for the smart house, nevertheless, in a top, in our opinion, there is Roost Smart Battery. There is this sensor only $35 and its feature is that it is inserted into any normal smoke detector, turning it into the smart device. Thanks to such model of use if your signaling will work, Roost Smart Battery will send messages on the selected smartphones then it is possible either to call firefighters, or to turn off signaling from the same smartphone.

The best sensor of opening for doors of garage

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

Standard practice of management of a garage door – to click on the panel approaching garage that can be unsafe at bad lighting, presence of the children running around the house and other noises for the driver. And here the device from Chamberlain allows to open a door from any device, for this purpose it is not necessary even to be in an area of coverage of the remote control. Soon vendors want to add a geozone, and then it is even necessary to click nothing: the door of garage will open itself at your approach, and after arrival of the machine inside, will close it. The MyQ device is part of an ecosystem of Depot/Wink, and also soon it can be used with HomeKit from Apple. Approaches almost all garage doors from all main vendors since 1993 of release.

The best smart conditioner

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

With the normal conditioner when we come home to a hot season, we come to a sauna. Then we include it at full capacity and we wait. Perhaps, it is least effective and most costly method to use a conditioning system. Instead it is possible to send from the Wink application through iOS or Android the smartphone command to turn on the smart conditioner and to arrive to the house in which temperature already smoothly went down (or rose) to the necessary level. Though it is possible even not to do it. Aros can work also in a standalone mode according to installations of the user. Including, it can help to set energy saving templates of use.

The best smart lock

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

Simple touch it is possible to close or open this nothing especially not selected door lock. It is possible to tie constants or temporary virtual keys to it. He monitors runs and outputs from the house, notifying on them the owner of the device connected to it, and also sends notifications through the Kevo application. Common appearance of a gadget – part of strategy of safety of the Kevo company which they implement in design. Thanks to it this gadget wins against others, maybe, much more smart devices. In appearance on the lock you will not tell that it is something, so it does not draw attention of uninitiated. Also, it can be opened by means of a normal reliable key. The lock is compatible to Home Depot/Wink ecosystems, and also Staples Connect.

The best smart crock-pot

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

The crock-pot from Belkin is part of the WeMo platform which integrates wireless devices of the smart house. The device was released in the spring of 2014 in a co-authorship with Jarden Consumer Solutions and represents the first medlennovarka controlled from the smartphone. Control is exercised through the WeMo application which is available on iOS and Android. It is possible to change parameters of preparation of a dish from the smartphone, to receive notifications, to check cooking time, to change temperature, to use the timer or to check the status of readiness of a dish. Home everything has to be already ready to your arrival.

Sensor of leakages

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

Big or small, but remained unnoticed, the leakage develops into the decent budget on compensation of damage. WallyHome allows to find leakages before they develop into something serious. Sensors of system need to be attached to wash basins, toilet bowls and other sanitary constructions at your place. If on the device moisture gets, information on it will come to a hub of WallyHome and the application of the same name will notify you on it. Also the application shows locations of your sensors and the entering information on temperature and humidity in these parts of the house. The system costs $300 and this price, of course, does not come within miles of costs for recovery of damage from flooding.

From ourselves we will add that our certified integrators, as a rule, integrate similar systems with smart cranes which block water right after receipt of a disturbing signal from sensors of leakages that is a step forward in comparison with normal notifications. In this case even if you are in other part of the world, you know what at you not only broke through a pipe, but also and measures were successfully taken at once to block water at your place or in the apartment.
The comment from iRidium Mobile

The best sensor of humidity

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

Because in some rooms humidity is higher than regulation, unpleasant condensate and a mold appear. This problem can be solved for only $34.50 by means of almost imperceptible Leviton Humidity Sensor and Fan Control. The sensor defines excessive humidity and automatically activates a vent system for prevention of effects. The vent system is used your, already set. Sensitivity of the sensor can be regulated.

The best smart bed

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

It would be desirable to finish with absolutely unusual device – a smart bed. Why to buy a fitness tracker if the whole bed can become it? Sleep Number c2 with the Sleep IQ system monitors your dream, registering breath, pulse and the movements. These data can be used for improvement of quality of a dream. And the mattress adapting by means of the panel allows to customize to everyone the half of a bed as it is pleasant more.

The overview of the best gadgets for the smart house 2015

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