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2 years, 11 months ago

Recently declared NASA that will present the two robots humanoids, but it is not disinterested.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northeast university which will receive on the robot will have to upgrade humanoids in dexterous independent robots which could help people or replace them in extreme space conditions.

R5 Valkyrie robots (1,8 m high and weighing 131 kg) were initially designed for the purpose of maneuvers for accident prevention, but soon will become excellent tools for research of distant space.

The University teams which are selected within tender of robotics from Agency on advanced defense research and development of the USA (DARPA) will receive $500 thousand and virtual technical support from NASA to manage to finish the project within two years.

After that the upgraded R5 will take part in the competition Space Robotics Challenge from NASA which assumes virtual competition in simulators, and also physical testing for check of functionality.

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