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2 years, 10 months ago
Black Friday 2015: We adapt the western solutions

Historically it developed so that many things which gain active distribution in a RuNet now, were thought up in the West. So it happened to the main trends in electronic commerce – about distinctions in approaches to the organization of electronic business in the USA and Russia and what can learn from our American colleagues, we already wrote in one of our materials.

On the other hand, It should be noted that not all things popular somewhere in the Silicon Valley, it is possible (and it is necessary) to borrow "as is" – we in "Audiomaniya" always try to localize the positive experience which developed in the industry taking into account domestic realities of business. So, for example, we took idea of free shipping of goods popular in the West and tried to adapt it to our conditions (though in the industry of eCommerce occasionally say that you should not and try to implement free shipping of goods across Russia).

Now we deliver purchases worth over 10 000 rubles over all country (except for hardly accessible regions) free of charge, and for other buyers made the clear and convenient calculator of delivery (how we passed a way from small shop of household appliances to similar, time of risky solutions, we wrote small history too). In the same way it was necessary to adapt under conditions of business and a solution on the organization of warehouses – on the matter we stopped quite in detail (1, 2) as own nontrivial developments in this direction it was necessary to create quite a lot.

On a wave of loan of quite quite good western traditions and ideas in a RuNet in 2013 there passed the first (large-scale) "Black Friday" in which we participated too: action took place not without difficulties, but brought to us interesting and (that is important) positive experience. Now, two years later, discounts at the end of November beginning of December begin to enter for many companies tradition – we in this case did not become an exception and this year we will also organize big sale of audio equipment.

"Black Friday" — 2015

This year about 300 positions participate in an event: the average size of a discount for the goods participating in an event makes over 45%. We decided to consider experience of the previous big "Friday" sales and to give examples of goods to which definitely it is worth paying attention this year.

Black Friday 2015: We adapt the western solutions

Half-internal acoustics of Arslab Emotion 1.5 SE

Arslab Emotion 1.5 SE High Gloss Black is compact qualitatively collected half-internal acoustics for rooms of the small sizes. Columns are equipped with the high-frequency loudspeaker with a diameter of 25 mm made to order especially for the Arslab company. The low-frequency loudspeaker is accompanied by the vufer with a diameter of 133 mm reproducing a powerful bass and fair mid frequencies.

All high quality audiocomponents which give the pure sound in the range of frequencies from 48 Hz to 25 kHz which glorified Arslab Emotion line are covered in the small tough body from MDF plates. Plates are trimmed by a black natural interline interval. Arslab Emotion 1.5 SE High Gloss Black makes impression and an interesting sound and within "Black Friday" is ready to fill your room with melodious sounding for 48 160 rub (it is 20% lower than its normal cost).

(And not only) we spoke about Emotion line in one of releases of our podcast.

Portable electronics became the most sold segment within our first Black Friday – this year we are also going to offer buyers a set of goods from this category at very attractive prices – including amplifiers for earphones and portable FiiO players which in 2013 were one of the most popular goods in this segment.

Black Friday 2015: We adapt the western solutions

FiiO A1 stereoamplifier

FiiO A1 Black is the miniature stationary stereo amplifier having 14 watts on the canal and working in the mode D. Interesting feature of this device is that channels work at different carrier frequencies: 550 Hz and 600 Hz that excludes emergence of crosstalk. The pregain stage of the device is executed based on the operational amplifiers OPA2134 released by rather known company Texas Instruments, and the output cascade – based on NXP TFA9815T chips – these solutions provide a minimum level of distortions, worthy rise speed of a signal and high values of an output current.

The device works from the external power supply unit issuing fair 12 V and has systems of protection against an overheat, short circuit and voltage surges. For connection of external devices, the FiiO A1 Black amplifier has two linear inputs - it is RCA and mini-jack connectors.

Within an event the FiiO A1 Black amplifier costs 8 400 rub (the normal price – 12 000 rubles), and you receive the miniature device in the metal body for this money, capable to sound the room of the average sizes and to cope with the speaker system of your personal computer.

We spoke about portable audio systems and the corresponding myths in one of releases of our podcast.

The Penaudio Sinfonia system – the most expensive of the goods sold within an event became one of "hits" of Black Friday 2013 (its cost was reduced from 795 to 477 thousand rubles). This year we decided to expose some of very interesting products of this brand including more budget, but not less qualitative systems.

Black Friday 2015: We adapt the western solutions

Half-internal acoustics of Penaudio Charisma

Penaudio Charisma Birch is the first and most popular speaker system of the Finnish company Penaudio. By convention for production of columns the firm uses qualitative multilayer plywood from a birch which well extinguishes vibrations and brings acoustic properties of columns to new level.

Installation has the silk high-frequency Wavecor loudspeaker with a diameter of 22 mm and SCh/NCh-dinamik Seas with a diameter of 120 mm with the paper diffuser which reproduce frequencies in the range from 48 Hz to 26 kHz. Tviter and a midvufer provide a transparent accurate sound, taking the smallest parts of musical compositions.

Columns are equipped with the phase inverter which channel is made of aluminum, and the separation filters with a frequency of section of 4500 Hz executed using the inductor coils Jantzen and Mundorf condensers. The cost of the Penaudio Charisma Birch speaker system on "Black Friday" makes 89 040 rubles (at the normal price in 139 650 rub, that is at a discount 36%), and for this money she will present you equal sounding in the field of mid frequencies and a pure immersive sound.

We spoke about the nature of different sounding in one of releases of our podcast.

Black Friday 2015: We adapt the western solutions

Portable column TDK A12

TDK A12 Red is a portable speaker system which body is executed of dense red plastic according to the IP64 standard, that is the device is not afraid of sand, moisture and dust. There is a fastening like "carbine" for convenience of transportation.

TDK A12 Red is equipped with the 40-millimetric loudspeaker issuing dynamic musical sounding. The capacious accumulator ensures autonomous functioning lasting up to 6 watch. Charging of TDK A12 Red occurs through an USB cable. The speaker system supports standards of the wireless Bluetooth and NFC connection, and also hardwired connection via the mini-jack connector. The special TWS technology (TrueWireless Stereo) allows to construct this wireless musical system of several such columns.

The weight of system makes only 180 g at dimensions 82 x 82 x 29 mm, and its bright design will draw attention to the owner – at a discount in 60% (3 304 rub in comparison with normal 8 239,7 rub) on "Black Friday" this device becomes just ideal companion of the traveler.

The first was remembered "Black Friday" to us by a peculiar effect – the number of orders during an event grew by 4 times (in comparison with Friday the last week), the number of online payments grew many times too – payments through QIWI purses, for example, exceeded daily average regulation for 910%.

Also the amount of the requests containing the name "Audiomaniya" increased in searchers – that is interesting, the amount of such requests after an event long time remained at "unusually high" the level. Let's look how present "Black Friday" will prove – and with pleasure we will share with you results.

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