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The residence on Elton Road to Miami Beach is a house of 300 quarter of meters and worth 2,2 million dollars which not just saves energy – it makes it for itself(himself), and still at the same time sells excesses to local housing and communal services.

How to save by means of technologies of the smart house: thermostats and control of lighting

This work of architecture received the platinum status in a rating of LEED, the national certified program which supports standards of eco-friendly design and construction in the USA.

The smart stuffing of the house was organized by command of engineers from Florida firm MultiMedia Innovations (MMI) which headquarters is located in Miami. The economy of energy was organized using the Control4 system which MMI developed together with Florida Green Home Design Group and their partners SKLARchitecture.

As the result, this house capable to provide itself with energy received the appreciation of LEED today. The economy and optimization of energy consumption is promoted lighting of the house which is made by means of LED of lamps which use gives a large number of points of LEED, and also motorized curtains and blinds of Q-Motion, system of water purification Jandy for the pool, audio and video sensors and the monitoring system of consumption of electricity Eragy.

It is not difficult to guess that considering the declared opportunity to reproduce energy and a location of the house, it is equipped with solar batteries on photo cells which are also under control to the Eragy and Control4 systems. All information on work of systems is output to tachpannel and also to iPad of the owner of the house.

How to save by means of technologies of the smart house: thermostats and control of lighting

Energy saving algorithms which provide these systems support an optimum level of comfort in the house and relieve the owner of unnecessary bustle and vanity with inclusion and fine tuning of devices. So, a certain part of lighting joins automatically and switched off according to astronomical time. The system never includes a lamp at full capacity that in itself considerably saves energy. Automatic blinds are closed to avoid a room overheat the bright Florida sun in this connection the geothermal cooling system works in the moderate mode at home.

The similar structure – a leader of green technologies and technology showroom with demonstration of opportunities of modern integration of systems of the smart house, a masterpiece of engineering thought which not only costs much but also and not only will pay off over time, but also will begin to make profit – if, of course, housekeeping overheads and replacement of the equipment this profit will not be eaten. But also even it will be already good because initially set standards of comfort will be supported in the house thanks to system which feeds itself.

Though the similar complex masterpiece of engineering and architectural thought at the ordinary user remains in dreams rather, it does not mean at all that we are not able to afford technology of the smart house for economy of energy in everyday life.

To switch off everything

This method allows to forget about the next small moments of our daily occurrence which give a lot of inconvenience:

  1. Need to remember constantly turning off the light in those rooms which you leave.
  2. Forgotten (or not?) the irons which are switched on in the socket, curling irons and other fire-dangerous devices.
  3. Left included music, the computer and other equipment.

How to save by means of technologies of the smart house: thermostats and control of lighting

The Switch Off Everything command can be transferred both from the owner's device, and from the motion sensor which controls absence of people in the house at present.
The easiest way of implementation of this technology – lamp LED with the built-in motion sensors. In spite of the fact that they in itself will be dearer, it is necessary to consider that:

  1. LED of a lamp serve very much, really very long.
  2. The LED lamp with power only 8 W can replace the 60-watt glow lamp.

If to add switching on and off to this small expense only when light is necessary – it is possible to pay back the equipment of your house of LED lamps within a year, depending on your requirements.

Perhaps, the most elegant solution for forgetful – the WeMo® Insight Switch device from Belkin. In fact, it is similar to the timer for inclusion of illumination in an aquarium – such are used in aquarium husbandry not one ten. With only that difference that it is controlled on wi-fi, and also considers an electric power expense as each specific device.

Perhaps, it is one of the fastest methods to convert the house on a smart harmony being a simple house owner.

With the similar purpose the line of Belkin WeMo allows to replace switches on smart, and then to connect them to the smartphone.

Smart thermostat

This section of economy is distributed in the USA where houses are equipped with climatic systems by default. At us in the country it is more difficult to save on heating in apartment houses but, at the same time, the technology can be implemented to private houses if to foreknow about it and to provide a possibility of its use.

How to save by means of technologies of the smart house: thermostats and control of lighting

Earlier the situation in smart thermostats was is very deplorable: the unfriendly user interface and need to set parameters manually beat off any hunting it to do. Now everything became much more convenient. So, for example, the NEST thermostat not just looks as an element of expensive design. For some time it collects information on your preferences then, on the basis of these data, builds the necessary schedule for maintenance of more cool temperature when you sleep or are outdoors, and warmer when you at.


Surprisingly, it can be connected to a bracelet of Jawbone UP24 to which the thermostat will charge to wake you after temperature is optimum for awakening. And the technology which in the machines is used by Mercedes-Benz can transfer to the thermostat data on when you are at home that it began to warm up or cool the house to your arrival.

By the way, combination with a bracelet of Jawbone is planned also in the new iRidium 3.0 version about which beta testing start already reported to developers.

As vendors declare, this thermostat can save 10-12% of the electric power on heating and about 15% on cooling of rooms. Algorithms of maintenance of levels of temperature are, as a rule, created under each specific project located in different geographical zones. If the Smart house is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, its requirements for energy saving very much differ from requirements of the house which is located, for example, on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Besides, requirements of the owner of the house are also especially individual. To someone comfortably at home at a temperature of +22, to someone it hot, is cold to someone. All these parameters are watched closely by NEST and studies those patterns which are optimum for the owner.

Many modern thermostats give the mass of additional information – for example, about weather, and also can "be trained" in certain templates of maintenance of climate in the house. Therefore it is quite good to know key parameters of an assessment of similar devices at their choice. They can also send data to the server as, for example, it can be implemented in the new iRidium 3.0 version – systems for management of the smart house – which allows to store data on the server and to suitably process them.


The majority of thermostats are easily connected on Wi-Fi. However, not all. There is also a Z-Wave technology for which the independent hub is necessary. At the choice of the equipment you look at this parameter and if you the beginner, then, perhaps, to you is better to adhere to Wi-fi.


At once designate a circle of devices which will be connected to your thermostat and their parameters. Consider that if later you replace or add the device, it is necessary for you that the thermostat still fitted into an ecosystem of your house. With smartphones of problems much less, than than with unit-to-unit compatibility among themselves. You watch requirements.

Mobile access

All smart thermostats are equipped with this opportunity. The part of them can work only with one type of an operating system – or Android or iOS. Therefore pay attention to this aspect. If you have, for example, BlackBerry, then, perhaps, unfortunately, you should begin with change of your gadget in this case.


What can be from additional options in the thermostat? Self-training, behavior models in case of your long absence, geographical zones, sensors, function of monthly reports is not a complete list of opportunities. It is clear, that vendors try to give the set of features as the best, but you look at it a cold glance and select that set of opportunities which meets your requirements.


Modern smart thermostats it is not necessary to think, where to hide. They are created beautiful and attractive – that is called, it is not a shame to hang up on a wall. If it is not pleasant to you how the device looks, then, perhaps, there is a sense it is more nice to look for something, the benefit the choice big now.


If you do not replace the old thermostat on new, and install it from scratch – perhaps, there is a sense to address to the professional. Nevertheless, many of thermostats since they are thought initially over on wide audience are suitable for independent installation.

In a word, elements of technology of the smart house and the raised standards of energy saving – are not something transcendental. These are technologies, quite available to the ordinary user, actually, the modern market of gadgets for the smart house about which we still will talk in more detail in our following article also is guided by him.

How to save by means of technologies of the smart house: thermostats and control of lighting

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