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2 years, 10 months ago
In this post we want to share with you our new infographics on the basis of the research DataInsight on a subject Travel online. On it we showed who and why traveled this year, and also what competitiveness of the Russian tourist sphere on the international scene. If your travel-project, information to you it is very useful. For communication on any questions and questions of connection of payment acceptance in this industry you can submit the application on the Pay-Travel page is a specialized payment solution for the companies of the tourist industry.


Apparently, the share of those who in 2015 instead of rest abroad give preference to the Russian resorts significantly increased in spite of the fact that so far Russia takes only the 45th place in the world on an index of competitiveness of tourism. As for a situation with transportations, and the internal directions prevail here. Russians go abroad generally on rest, the purpose of the majority of in-Russian transportations — family and personal records, business trips and rest. At the same time online share in sales of railway tickets since 2013 considerably raised, and here growth of quantity online of orders for distant passenger traffic of the Russian Railway, on the contrary, decreased and will probably continue decrease in the future, but already with a smaller speed.

If you have a business connected by the industry of travel, suggest you to pay attention to Pay-Travel product, it allows tour operators and travel agencies, the aviaqassam, to ticket offices, hotels, services for armoring to begin to accept online payments with the minimum technical completions and on profitable financial conditions.

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