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2 years, 10 months ago
The main objective of the first-ever browser for bitcoin is in as much as possible to simplify process of Internet trade in bitcoins and significantly differs from the existing trading floors in a friendly and intuitive and clear inerfeys.

Do not worry, BitHappy – we tell about the first bitcoin browser
BitHappy integrated a trade Internet zone and payment bitcoin service on one site

The new platform in the market of electronic trading, BitHappy, will allow online sellers and retailers to sell with ease, and to users – to buy goods and services for bitcoins, – by means of the application which developers christened "the first bitcoin browser".

For sellers of BitHappy will become trading floor where it is possible to place the declaration of sale of goods – with the photo, the description and the price in local currency. The platform automatically converts the specified sum of bitcoin equivalent. BitHappy also sellers can use offline shops which agree to receive payment in cryptocurrency. To sell goods for bitcoins, the seller will need just to scan its barcode. The system independently converts the price into bitcoins, will publish goods on a site, and also generates identification article number and will send to the buyer an invoice for payment of purchase in bitcoins.

Will give to buyers of BitHappy an opportunity of simple search of the outlets located nearby accepting for payment cryptocurrency. BitHappy is directly connected with service of e-wallets Mycelium that buyers could pay purchases in bitcoins in one click.

Possibilities of BitHappy can be implemented also in non-commercial purposes: by means of this service it is possible to collect bitcoin donation, or to organize fand-rayzingovy bitcoin campaign.

As creators of service declare, the BitHappy platform is aimed at the people who are not covered by banking services – in particular, on individual entrepreneurs who would like to trade online, but at the same time not to spend time and funds for searches of the room and a design of bank documentation. With BitHappy anyone will be able to post the photo on the website, to describe goods and to call the price.

Creators of a bitcoin-application do not intend to charge the fee for the purchases made through BitHappy.

The BitHappy application will appear in the market in December, 2015. The company developer positions it as "alternative to mobile payment service providers which will put an end to financial isolation" and service which will become for bitcoin the same than, in due time, "there was Netscape 1 for the Internet".

"By means of BitHappy any will be able to use cryptocurrency in everyday life" — it is said on the website of the company. The purposes of the company – are ambitious. Currently around the world about 2,5 billion people have no bank accounts and do not use banking services. Creation of the tool simplifying access to financial services will make space of Internet trade in more permeable and, of course, will promote promoting of bitcoin.

And that was what to spend, you can always fill up contents of your purse by means of a cloudy mining of Hashflare.

Do not worry, BitHappy – we tell about the first bitcoin browser

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