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The creator Bitkoina is nominated for the Nobel Prize in the field of economy for 2016, despite of what still is known to anybody who is he such. Satoshi Nakamoto's alias was used by the creator of this revolutionary financial system, but all attempts to reveal the personality standing behind it did not lead to anything.

"The father of bitcoins" Satoshi Nakamoto is nominated for the Nobel Prize on economy

Nakamoto was nominated by professor of economy from the Californian university in Los Angeles (UCLA) Bhagawang Chaudhry to whom the Nobel committee suggested to select nominees of the 2016th. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin technology was for the first time in details described in the official report for 2009 published in a network under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto under the name "Bitcoin: peer-to-peer, electronic monetary system".

Chaudhry described the invention of bitcoin as "revolutionary opening", and the cornerstone technology, blokcheyn — as a basis for many innovation developments in the field of financial technical.

Chaudhry considers that the bitcoin has a number of benefits before tradtsionny metallic and paper currency. The system bitcoin is stable as it is based on a cryptographic code, cryptocoins can be divided into millions of fine particles and to send instantly to any points of the world where there is an Internet, without participation of the governments, Central Banks and financial intermediaries, such as Visa, Mastercard, Paypal or any other commercial banks that is expressed in the low cost of transactions and its instant implementation.

The previous attempts to identify the personality Nakamoto were not crowned with success, but some representatives of community slopes to believe that under this alias the famous cryptographer Nick Sabo disappears. The writer and financial analyst Dominique Frisbi initiating five-months investigation of the personality Satoshi came to a conclusion that Sabo is the only candidate who approaches for a role of the creator of world cryptocurrency.

Sabot steadily denied arguments of Frisbee, and at personal contact and publicly on Twitter. However, practically, nothing is known of the Sabot a little, in addition to information in its personal blog and some scientific publications. Whether Satoshi Nakamoto's Sabot is or not, Chaudhry believes that the Nobel Prize, will hardly induce the creator Bitkoin to open the person.

"I believe, it will not appear on public, considering that he preferred anonymity throughout all the life, I do not think that it will change a habit to visit a ceremony of delivery of awards", – Chaudhry writes. "I with pleasure am ready to be present at a ceremony instead of it".

The thanksgiving speech will not become a problem too, Chaudhry as, hypothetically, Satoshi can send the message by e-mail that Chodri, afterwards, read it considers.

Gyoran K. Hassen, the secretary of the Swedish Academy of Sciences, organization handing Nobel Prizes reported in the comment only that they before delivery of an award of the identity of nominees are not disclosed.

According to Chaudhry when he received the sentence to select the candidate for the nomination for the Nobel Prize, in his head several surnames of honored workers in the field of economy flickered: Paul Rohmer, Doug Daymond, Steve Ross, but then he arrived at idea that the person who made the revolutionary discovery in the 21st century has to become the nominee. "The name of Satoshi Nakamoto right there occurred to me, and I do not know more worthy candidate" — Chaudhry reported.

All the matter is that Satoshi Nakamoto never published scientific articles in economic and financial editions. Its only publication – the nine-page report on bitcoin. It is only possible to assume surprise of the kripitograf of Satoshi Nakamoto of its nomination in the field of economy. Perhaps, only Siegmund Freud when Romain Rolland selected him the nominee — in the field of literature was also surprised.

However, on Chaudhry's belief, Nakamoto not only deserves an award, but award of the Nobel award to it can promote change of public perception of money and draw attention to problems of a traditional financial system. Thanks to development of new technology, users will be able to save the resources and manage consciously them, and unsuccessful sectors of society will be able to get access to financial services. Thus, our efforts aimed at the development of bitcoin can promote a solution of global tasks – Chaudhry considers.

"I cannot remember any other opening in the field of economy for the last decades comparable on scale to bitcoin" — Chaudhry writes.

As for prize-winning money, Chaudhry offers in case of award of an award of Satoshi Nakamoto, to purchase bitcoins on this money and to transfer to Satoshi's bitcoin address. However, the Satoshi owning several hundred millions of dollars and bitcoins, is hardly concerned by a monetary question.

According to other entertaining version, there is a probability that Satoshi Nakamoto is already an owner of one Nobel Prize in the field of economy. Rumors that under Satoshi's alias the famous mathematician John Nash, the Nobel Prize laureate in the field of economy for 1994 disappears whose history is described in Ron Howard's drama "Beautiful Mind", nobody disproved. John Nash, the author of the concept "Ideal money" died in May, 2015.

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"The father of bitcoins" Satoshi Nakamoto is nominated for the Nobel Prize on economy

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