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3 years, 1 month ago
Hi, giktayms. My name is Yura and today I want to tell a little about monetization of our project which allows us to pay back maintaining this blog (that is especially actual because of recent value increase twice). I will remind that we deal with a problem of the choice of a difficult technique and it is the main mission of

If to look at many of our posts on a giktaymsa, then it is possible to notice the terrible fact: "They use referalny references, so earn from my purchases!!!". And you will be right — we really do it, but that if I tell that the referalny link is better, than just the link to online store of the Russian company? We want to be the most open so we show cards.

Why puts referalny links to Habré?

Simple mathematics or who is more profitable?

When the typical online store sells goods in Russia it does a margin because of:
— 18% of the VAT (tax of any Russian company, obligatory to payment)
— A margin for payment of office,
— A margin for payment of work of employees
— A margin for advertizing payment
— A margin for earnings of the company

Here it is necessary to consider that purchase abroad goes of course at the underestimated cost, but after all if we speak about goods from China, then the margin will make about 20-1000% in comparison with goods which can be purchased in the same way without problems at retail in China and to receive by mail or the courier in 2 weeks.

Why puts referalny links to Habré?

Not to be unfounded, we will consider on the example of the most popular budget quadcopter with GPS — Cheerson CX-20 which we described recently. On a market it is sold for 22 900 – 25 190 rub, and on our card the prices in China where it costs 14 767r from where to you still will make free shipping a courier service to a door are provided.

How we select shop for the recommendation in the articles?

One more unconditional plus it is possible to call our system of the choice of shop as we have no restrictions in the choice of the best sentence at the price worldwide.

Why puts referalny links to Habré?

All large online stores selling for the whole world have the partner program, so we do not limit ourselves in the choice. Having selected objects for studying — we can refer to amazon, aliexpress, ebay, gearbest, banggood, jd, tomtop, etc. That is we look for the most interesting sentence and we add it to the article, and persons interested can purchase what was pleasant to them, without spending time for searches where is cheaper.

However, if the difference between sentences, is not considerable, then we are also guided by reliability of the seller (especially on Ali and eby) and on delivery speed. And considering that ourselves order much — we absolutely precisely know who as delivers and in what status there come sendings to Moscow, Murmansk and Melitopol (Ukraine).

Choice of a subject of the overview and further application of experience

As we work with different online stores, we in each of them have "the" manager who periodically tries to push to us uninteresting "visyak" and is recognized that some such visyak we, by inexperience, undertook to investigate.

Why puts referalny links to Habré?

But the truth is that it is interesting to nobody, to neither us, nor the reader, nor even to shop as nothing good from such advertizing turned out so we passed this rake and completely refused this policy. (Visyaki remained to hang, but already on our balance.)

And here studying of all innovations of the market and deep studying of gadgets which extremely interests — other effect gives you absolutely. Materials turn out live, are written easily and with a smile upon the face so as a result give pleasure and to the reader that can be understood easily on responses which come to us to mail.


And after we studied a subject of the overview, wrote article — we enter all supervision to ourselves, to the database where this experience remains for a long time.


Naturally we are engaged not only writing articles, whole "soccer team" daily works on search of the best prices and on manual adjustment of automatically collected information on goods to create really unique database. And our main command consisting of 7 specialists of the most different professions within half a year daily works on development of the project (there will be a big updating soon) to offer our visitors even more opportunities for the simple choice of a difficult technique.

p.s. For those who are ready to help us with our mission and not against itself to earn from it
And now I want to suggest you to help with the choice of a difficult technique to inhabitants of a giktayms. If not so long ago you became the owner of the interesting smart device (it can be phone, the quadcopter, the tablet, hours, a bracelet, etc.) — you can write article about it, about that why selected it, about that to whom compared that pushed you on desire to purchase it and of course about the product. Generally, to pass on the experience to community, to write useful article.

To add motivation to creation of really useful material — you can add in it the referalny references, thereby having thanked the seller for a good product and of course a little to earn from it. But consider that the place of purchase cannot be changed. For those who do not want to bother on affiliate links — can just receive from us a bonus in the amount of 1000r for the qualitative article allowed to the publication in our blog.

Before writing of article — pm to me to approve the selected subject and to receive answers to the interesting questions.

By the way, we are always very glad to wishes, sentences and error messages which you send to

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