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Firefox and iOS — unless it is compatible? It turned out that yesAll problem long since was that the manual of Apple wanted to see browsers in iOS with a number of restrictions on the engine (the browser engine — Webkit, rendering — UIWebView). Firefox never did browsers on Webkit, but inconvenience was also that Apple used faster Nitro engine. In 2013 for this reason the manual Mozilla was not going to release the browser in iOS. From the iOS 8 version of the politician it was a little mitigated — third-party developers are allowed to Nitro. All last year we received messages on development of Firefox for iOS. 2 months ago it appeared in AppStore shop for New Zealand. Now the test period passed, and Firefox for iOS version not less than 8.2 is available to installations worldwide.

Firefox and iOS — unless it is compatible? It turned out that yes

The browser engine — Webkit, others on policy of Apple are still inadmissible. Why it is necessary for Mozilla? First of all, to be present at a platform, and also to give the same opportunities for synchronization of tabs and settings at users what they have on other platforms when using Firefox. The ecosystem of Firefox extended.
Firefox and iOS — unless it is compatible? It turned out that yes

The Apple AirDrop technology is supported (to send links to devices of Apple in the same Wi-Fi-network).
In iOS 9 the mode "incognito" is supported.

As well as the code of normal Firefox, the source code of the new browser is available to studying and downloading.
Gitkhab — the Firefox code for iOS.
Whether you used the mobile Firefox browser on the mobile device?

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