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3 years ago

Before blocking in the territory of Russia there were less than 30 days

The court made a decision on eternal blocking of RuTrackerToday the Moscow City Court made a decision on lifelong blocking of the bittorrent-website The claim was sent to OOO "Publishing House "EKSMO" to Drimtorent corporation because of distributions of books of Guy Yuli Orlovsky, Vasily Golovachev, Alex Orlov, Alexey Kalugin and Darya Dontsova. The judgment means that in 30 days or after consideration of the complaint to a judgment there will be an execution. The website will get to black lists of Roskomnadzor, will be sent for unloading to providers of communication services and blocked forever on the territory of Russia. The website will never be excluded from this list even if all problemy pages and materials will be deleted.

On May 1 this year became effective corrections which enter a new type of blocking. Owners had an opportunity to block resources recidivists forever — they will not disappear from a black list of Roskomnadzor even after execution of all requirements.

The desire to close the websites forever at owners appeared till May 1. On October 14 the decision first in the history on eternal blocking more than ten websites was made. A claim against "Rutreker" was submitted on October 12, process of judicial proceedings approximately occupies one — one and a half months. The operators "Rutrekera" claim that cooperation with owners was conducted, and all complaints of Roskomnadzor were satisfied.

On October 15 the administration of a resource decided to implement system of "digital fingerprint" and to delete problem distributions. On October 28 news agencies reported that operators of the website will not be able to fulfill the requirement of owners as they should delete 320 thousand distributions as that was asked by the National Federation of the Musical Industry (NFMI). This number of all even of partial coincidence.

On October 29 the question of removal of problem materials was brought up for vote among users of the website. Everything suggested to select registered: or 320 thousand distributions and still a set in the future, or blocking in the territory of the country where there lives a half of all resource. Users preferred the last: two thirds told that they are ready to look for blocking bypass methods.

Before eternal blocking there was less than a month. As well as in other similar cases, Roskomnadzor by data transmission of the website to telecom operators for blocking will perform a judgment.

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