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3 years ago
C.G.P.Grey rollers — in Russian (part 2)With your permission, I will continue (in addition to the first portion) the publication of transfers to C.G.P.Grey rollers.

I do not cease to be surprised how in several minutes it is possible it is compressed and to figuratively transfer the finished information moreover it is popular and interesting to many. Nevertheless here that "the good teacher" means!

Pay attention that transfer is built in as subtitlings, and, for its viewing, it is necessary in a player and to include viewing of subtitlings (it is a button of CC in the bottom of a player) and to select Russian as language of subtitlings (in settings of a player, behind the button with a gear). Both that, and another would have to join itself, but, after testing at several acquaintances, I did not find pattern with which credits at someone are shown in Russian, at someone are shown, but in English, and at someone just are not shown.

As well as for the first time, transfer was done by the remarkable translator Catia Rosenberg for what to her many thanks!

Taking an opportunity, I want to ask once again — whether rollers, whether to continue work on transfer are interesting?

And still — whether there are persons interested to help with a postscoring of rollers that they in Russian sounded at once as it is necessary, without the need for reading subtitlings?

UPD: Alas, at once several rollers that I prepared for the publication, at the publication appeared without the Russian subtitlings. So far I leave where the Russian credits remained as I will deal with credits — I will lay out the others (and it is probable, will some more keep up)!

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