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3 years ago
Did not pass also weeks from the moment of the announcement of last bild as Gabe Aul announced new. We meet — Windows 10 Mobile 10572, assembly is available to a fast circle of updates.

Синий экран смерти тоже бывает приятным

And again — for installation of a new bild it is necessary to be rolled away by means of Windows Device Recovery Tool to Windows Phone 8.1, and then to again install the Participant of the Program of a Provisional Estimate of Windows application-> to select Fast Ring and to set new assembly.

Managed to correct couple of bugs:

  • Operation of the sensor of illumination is corrected, the screen at conversation has to be switched-off correctly.
  • Background loading of updatings of applications in Windows Store was corrected, now applications have to receive and download
  • updates.
  • Notifications on new messages come without additional resets.
  • Optimization of work of Cortana in a background, consumption of battery power is reduced.
  • Correction of errors of loading of the starting screen, improvement of performance.
  • Adding of gestures for expansion and removal of notifications in the center of notifications.
  • Alarm clock icon on the blocking screen.
  • Switching of languages on the keyboard has to be smoother.
  • Clicking of the reset button at installation of updates will immediately reboot the device.

And to add couple of new:

  • Third-party applications can have problems with access to photos through to Share.
  • On some devices the Phone application can fall when opening. It is treated only rebuty.
  • On smartphones with two SIM cards the Messages application will fall when opening if on the starting screen there is no tile for the second SIM. The problem is actual even for those cases when only one SIM card is used. After this error the application of the Message for the second SIM card will disappear from the list of applications. Removal of a tile of "Phone" for the second SIM card will lead the application to the fact that the application will disappear from the general list. Only reset after which both the tile and the application in the general list will return helps with this situation.
  • Devices which were updated with WP 8.0 to 8.1 by air in due time can lose a possibility of connection to Wi-Fi on Windows 10 Mobile. In that case it is necessary to recover device software through Windows Device Recovery Tool and then to make updating to Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview.

New in assembly 10572:

  • Notifications on the missed calls on the PC by means of Cortana. In Russia does not work yet.
  • Savings of cards on the memory stick for use offline.
  • Improvement of settings of storage. Now you can select where applications from Windows Store will be installed. With a small memory size the option including installation of applications on the memory stick is simply necessary for devices. Appearance of settings is also processed.
  • Updating of universal applications. Now in messages you can see the animated smiles when using Skype. Also in Messages, Phone and the list of challenges search appeared.
  • Improvement of the Photos application. In the updated application there was an opportunity to add pictures to favorites. Also appeared new functions in the built-in editor. Context menus are a little processed. Most of insiders already received this application version in the form of updating a few days ago.

Next week Gabe Aul promised new bild in which at last will correct a bug with updating from last assemblies.
In more detail about updating in the blog of Microsoft.

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