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3 years ago
Saturated days for insiders. Gabe Aul on the Twitter announced last night new assembly for Windows 10 Mobile.

Windows 10 Mobile — bild 10549 it is available to insiders

For installation of a new bild it is necessary to be rolled away by means of Windows Device Recovery Tool to Windows Phone 8.1, and then to again install the Participant of the Program of a Provisional Estimate of Windows application —> to select Fast Ring and to set new assembly.
The matter is that directly before mailing of updating the error which makes impossible updating from last bild was found.

Improvements in a new bild:

  • Cortana: understands Japanese, it became available to English-speaking users in Australia and Canada.
  • Messages: now on the text entering the zone of input will extend as required. Integration of messages/calls and Skype.
  • New emodzh, support of different skin colors for them.
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    Windows 10 Mobile — bild 10549 it is available to insiders
  • Owners of Lumia 1020 will be able to continue to use the Lumia Camera application — it will not be removed when updating on insider bilda any more. It is necessary, being on WP 8.1, to set/update the application and to be updated on insider assembly, then it is better not to delete the application since in Windows 10 Shop the application is absent.
  • Camera Windows application departures are corrected.
  • Departures of the screen keyboard are corrected in attempt of sending messages.
  • The zoom works fingers in the application of the Card correctly now.
  • The error with installation of ringtones on contacts is corrected.
  • Blocking of challenges works now.
  • The error of the center of notifications — is corrected during removal of notifications, the icon of the notification could remain in status bar.
  • The error with saving of screenshots is corrected. Now all applications smnut correctly to get access to them.
  • The error when the applications installed on the memory stick were not started if this card was pulled out is corrected and inserted again.

The found bugs, suspiciously it is not enough of them:

  • After updating some applications can disappear. Treatment — reset of settings.
  • After reset of phone notifications, for example about new messages will not be shown, until then — so far you will not unblock phone for the first time.
  • It is impossible to make calls by means of such applications as Skype for business, WhatsApp and similar. It is treated by reinstallation of these applications.

The algorithm of installation of this bild described Shirixae — here.
The previous assembly, after a hard-reseta, behaved quite well, I hope this bild too will prove to be stable. Afflicts only need of reset for updating to the last bild.
In more detail about updating in the blog of Microsoft.
UPD: for those who do not want to do rollback — to wait following bild Gabe on Twitter reported that to be updated with 536 it will be possible only on following bild.

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