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3 years, 1 month ago
Avast in the blog reports about a large number of the counterfeit applications found in Windows Phone Store and that they are deleted very long despite negative responses and complaints. Swindlers forge Facebook Messenger, CNN, BBC and WhatsApp in which instead of functions necessary to the user — advertizing.

The more forces spend for safety of applications in Google Play and iTunes — the spammers pay more attention to app store for Windows Phone.

Counterfeit applications from one developer

The Ngetich Walter and Cheruiyot Dennis developers-swindlers placed 58 counterfeit applications in Windows Phone Store. Applications collect data on users and display the advertizing targetted on the region. Some applications take away users on pages on which try to sell them something. After downloading of "world news CNN" users expect to see news, but instead the application conducts them on the website of a religious trend "Life much".


Other users downloaded a counterfeit antivirus of Avast. Fortunately, write in the blog of the company, this application did not bear any harm. It conducted users on this website of the developer of an antivirus and showed to users advertizing. Such applications are developed to receive money for cliques for advertizing. The more clicks — the more money therefore swindlers place applications in a large number.


Google and Apple constantly monitor lack of the malware in shops. As a rule in a case with Android users receive the infected applications if they download them not in official shop — so was with the pornapplication photographing the user and demanding five hundred dollars of a penalty. It is much simpler to write and publish the annex in Windows Phone Store and to manage advertizing in it, forcing the user to click a banner or to do this action for it. Avast writes that such applications can hang in shop for weeks and months.

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