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New era of devices from Microsoft under control of Windows 10

On October 6, 2015 the Microsoft company provided new devices, and we share the main announcements of last action with pleasure.

Sure start of Windows 10 and continuation of history of an operating system more than on 110M devices after 8 weeks from the date of start. And, at last, long-awaited news of HoloLens, Band 2, Surface, Lumia, and Xbox.

New devices for new Windows 10

The command of Microsoft provided a new series of the devices created for receipt of all benefits of the new Windows 10 operating system.

Surface Book – the new, powerful notebook from Microsoft, united the best performance of devices of a similar class and benefit of the tablet. Performance provides the sixth generation of Intel processors and 8/16GB RAM.

The device from Microsoft possesses the screen in 13.5 inches and with a resolution of 3000х2000. Surface Book easily turns into the tablet, it is enough to disconnect the screen from the keyboard. An additional benefit of the notebook is the optional graphic NVIDIA accelerator available at use of the device in the notebook mode. The declared 12 hours of autonomous work, at the new 5-point touchpad, a feather, USB 3.0 ports, the slot for SD-of cards and other specifications it is possible to look on the page.

New era of devices from Microsoft under control of Windows 10

Surface Pro 4 – the representative of family of the tablets capable to solve problems of office notebooks became thinner, easier and quicker.

New Surface suggests owners to solve problems by means of Gorilla Glass 4 displays in 12,3 inches with resolution of 2736х1824. Also the device will please owners with the latest Intel processors, the hard drive in 1 TB and 16 GB RAM. Complete with the device also well new feather and the fingerprint scanner which is built in TypeCover the keyboard.

New era of devices from Microsoft under control of Windows 10

Microsoft Lumia – leaders of Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL can brag not only 6 both 8 nuclear processors and the powerful camera, but also the innovation opportunities with Windows 10. The shown Continuum technology allows to connect phone to the external monitor through Microsoft Display Dock, and the monitor to display the interface of desktop Windows 10 and to continue work in universal applications, as on the computer.

New era of devices from Microsoft under control of Windows 10

One more representative — innovation of Lumia 550 becomes the most available 4G LTE smartphone under control of Windows 10.

Microsoft Band – the second generation of wearable devices from Microsoft possesses the curved display with Gorilla Glass 3, still a big set of sensors for tracking of a status of an organism and environment, deep integration with Cortana, and also expanded line of applications. Now you can trace air humidity, the blood saturation level oxygen by means of Band, to compare to already available data and to receive detailed analytics with Microsoft Health.

New era of devices from Microsoft under control of Windows 10

Owners of Xbox One are in an updating anticipation to Windows 10 and the most anticipated Xbox Elite Controller controller already available to the preorder.

This time were shown to Microsoft HoloLens on the example of game process. By means of the game Project X-Ray the scene proveratitsya in a game field and the audience observed different scenarios of behavior and interaction of gologram-objects.

HoloLens as already declared earlier, is the self-contained unit and does not demand connection to the computer or phone.

The MicrosoftHoloLens version will become available to developers in the first quarter 2016.

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