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3 years, 3 months ago

Month and three days later after release of the previous bild of Microsoft provided to insiders new bild — 10512.

Insiders of mobile Windows 10 — waits for you new bild

Last night Gabe Aul reported on the twitter about availability of new updating to insiders of mobile Windows 10.

At first about bugs:

  • The mobile access point does not work in a new bild. The attached device will not be able to receive the operating IP address from phone.
  • The Кино&ТВ application does not work in this assembly.
  • Two-factor authentication of Microsoft Account through a phone number does not work in this assembly. It does not affect authorization through additional email. It is desirable to add email for authorization if you want to be updated before new assembly.
  • Some devices can be updated long enough at a migratory stage of settings, it is necessary to give to phone an extra time
  • The applications using background audio playback such as Groove, Podcasts, Pandora, etc. can fail at start after receipt of updating from Windows Store. For correction it is enough to reboot the device.
  • Some smartphones with a large number of tiles on the initial screen can get stuck at a stage of emergence of the Loading … screen. It is necessary to reset settings or to be rolled away to Windows Phone 8.1 by means of Windows Phone recovery tool
  • Some applications can not be updated through Windows Store, showing an error 0x80073cf9. For bug fix it is necessary to reinstall the application.

And now about pleasant:

  • General stability augmentation and system performance.
  • Possibility of installation of the image from the Photo application on the screen of blocking and the background image.
  • The problem of the idle applications installed on the MicroSD-card is corrected.
  • Improvement of work of input of the Latvian and Chinese languages.
  • The error with lack of notifications of the entering text messages is corrected.
  • Improvement of work of notifications of the Data Sense application.
  • Improvement of work of a tile of "A children's corner".
  • The fitting algorithm of words is corrected, now the keyboard will offer less names from the address directory.
  • Start of the camera from the blocked smartphone status is corrected.
  • The problem with shutdown of a touchscreen after the end of phone call is corrected.
  • The problem with overlapping of the text by the folder with tiles is corrected.

In more detail about updating in the blog of Microsoft.
P.S.: The new devices, in the list supporting updating to insider Windows 10 Mobile no. Visually smoothness of operation improved — bild and the truth pulls on stable. Depresses that old bugs do not govern (the keyboard in a landscape mode did not start working) and the unemployed of spot jotas does not add pleasure.

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