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3 years, 4 months ago
Long-term experience of our company in the field of education induced us to creation of material which will dispel all myths connected with installation of tourniquets in schools. As many parents, pupils and teachers sometimes are rather afraid of such innovations, we will try to tell most well and informatively about why it is worth thinking of purchase of these devices.


1. Tourniquets will create "stopper" on an input

One of the most widespread beliefs which at first sight seems quite truthful. Of course, there is a probability that the child will leave at home the card and will stop near a tourniquet to look for it in a backpack and pockets. In that case, naturally, to formation of queue not to pass. In similar situations the security guard who monitors visitors of school and the general discipline comes to the rescue. Also about that the pupil did not forget the admission, parents have to see to it, sending it in the morning to school.


About the fact that the crowd on an input consisting of parents and teachers can be formed we too thought over in advance and solved this problem. Before installing devices, specialists of the company "to Smayls. Education" is considered by all nuances. So, the layout is formed taking into account architectural features of school, the area of a free space before tourniquets which will allow people to move freely is calculated.

After the layout is ready, it affirms as the Ministry of Emergency Situations. If there are problems connected with accumulation of people on an input, the situation is taken under control by administration of school.

2. Tourniquets can not let parents who came to take away the child (the pupil of elementary grades)

Naturally, such moments are regulated by administration of specific educational institution.

3. Tourniquets can become an obstacle during state of emergency

Devices which are offered by our company are equipped with the anti-panic system assuming in a case emergence of emergencies opening of "gate" of a tourniquet for a free output.

4. The system will have personal data of the child with which representatives of juvenile justice can operate


All information on pupils is coded and is stored on servers of the company. The agreement it is offered that data on our clients are never transferred at the request of the third parties. The company bears complete responsibility for their confidentiality.

5. "Tourniquets are not necessary to us, to us and without them it is good"

In most cases similar statements sound because of concerns to incur additional financial expenses. The fact that installation of tourniquets can "eat" considerable part of the family budget is also not reliable. Actually the situation looks in a different way.

Our company installs the equipment at school on a free basis, distributing to pupils personal throughput cards. When someone loses the card, acquisition of new is performed for the insignificant sum.

At the request of parents connection of the service "Informing" sending the notification on school activity of the child is possible. For example, the family of the school student can watch history of visit of educational institution: delay, absences and so forth.

Completing material, there is a wish to emphasize that myths about negative sides of the similar equipment most often are born from conjectures of those parents who are not familiar with similar innovations yet. It says about insufficient informing families with children school students that it levels all pluses of these devices.
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