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— And truth that toner radioactive?
— No, there is a lead, and it protects from radiation.
From the heard conversation.

It is black and mysterious as the SR-71 "Blackbird" scout plane.
It has no identification marks onboard.
It possesses excellent TTH.
He is able practically all.
He does not sleep and eats a little.
It is always with you.
It is ours!

This small triangle similar to an alien being is the unique device on set of the characteristics and is necessary for each person.
The miniature wearable device of continuous radiation control, the independent personal dosimeter, the recorder, with period of operation more than 500 days.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

In article: demonstration of work in the conditions of the normal and increased levels of a radioactive background, interaction with the computer, the description of programs, archive diagrams, opening of a product and many other things.
But the most important, this task to readers of TM = + GT + MM about removal of the given all brelok on screens of the monitors that will allow to reduce quantity of hot spots on the planet, to determine by X one of the possible reasons of diseases, to prolong or save life to many people.
The open exchange protocol with the device will help with it that will simplify connection of the intelligent sensor to the computer and other devices.

Gin is let out from a bottle

The mankind appeared and always existed in conditions of natural radiation of different level, got used and did not notice it (apart from abnormal zones). It is not excluded that radiation played a certain role in a variety of life forms on Earth, but now …

After discovery of radioactivity by the physicist A. Bekkerel in 1896, researches of spouses of Curie and other scientists, to natural, also artificial radioactivity was added. In spite of the fact that the first researchers opened biological effect of radioactivity, to radioactive materials the progressive tense was attributed by useful and medicinal properties. In the world devices for receipt of radioactive water, paste, ointment, preparations for improvement of health were on sale, brelka with illumination, the shining paint and other radioactive "toys" were made.
There were atomic bombs, power plants, the ships, transportation of "fuel" and "working off". There were popular radioactive smoke detectors, level, the frostings having a set of benefits in front of sensors of other types and having only one insignificant shortcoming. Extraction of construction materials is sometimes made in zones with the increased level of natural radiation. As a result, there are new centers, and concentration of radioactive materials on the planet is redistributed. Also there are cases of conscious use of radioactive materials with the bad purposes.
Radioactive materials are capable to move to considerable distances and to have the huge period of dangerous action therefore the constant control of a radiation situation of all territories is necessary for timely detection of dangerous places and materials, carrying out necessary actions.
To everyone on the measuring instrument?
In addition to terrestrial, radiation has also a space origin which level is influenced by an earth magnetic field, and it changes in time and on height.
Such phenomenon as magnetic anomaly and the most known of them — Brazilian takes place.
Returning to aircraft. In addition to "bonus miles", fans to fly accumulate also a radiation dose as above (is closer to Space) a radiation level higher, than for planet surfaces. Can therefore, some people prefer the train to the airplane? And how many the passenger of an airliner at flight from one city will receive in another? It is a lot of or a little? And in comparison with the astronaut? The answer can be found at request "the table of doses of radiation".

Originally, the problem of measurement of level of radioactive radiation was usually solved by specialists, but after the Chernobyl accidents which gained wide fame and Fukushima, depth of a problem opened for many people, in view of the occurred extensive radioactive infection of the district.
After Chernobyl splash in hobby for devices of radiation control was observed. The industry produced numerous models of household dosimeters, logs published different schemes, radio fans "riveted" self-made devices. But everything came to naught. The situation in knowledge domain on radiation began to remind conversation from the beginning of article. People calmed down, batteries in devices "sat down", splash died away. Release of devices continued, but convenient, and the most important — "long-playing" devices were a huge rarity.

And here, progress in area of electronics took the next step forward. The group of our developers designed the device combining the best achievements in consumption (the long period of work), miniaturizations (the small and easy device even girls) and computer opportunities (archives, setup under the requirements can constantly carry).

For an assessment of progress in a dolgoigraistost and mass of devices, we will consider envoys from different computer eras.
1. The considerable part of a frame was occupied by model of the beginning of the 70th years, the DP-5B radiationmeter (a doms-DOS-cue the period). Here information from club of his fans:
The set of power supply ensures continuous functioning of the device without sublight of a scale in normal conditions within not less than 40 hours when using fresh elements.
The mass of the device with batteries (with a case and auxiliary property) — no more than 2,8 kg. The mass of a complete set in a laying box does not exceed 7,6 kg.

2. More to the left the household dosimeter of the beginning of the 90th years "Bella" (Windows 3.1 period) was located. Data from Wikipedia:
Time of continuous work at a natural radiation background not less than 200 hours.
Weight, no more than 0,25 kg.

3. In the left part of a frame the tiny hero of the overview, "Geyger's Charm" (by the way, its abbreviation of" BG" not bad sounds) — the radioactivity indicator of times of the birth Windows 10 was sheltered. A fragment from the operating manual of the device:
Battery service life at the power of exposition dose no more than 0,2 μSv \h and normal climatic conditions: not less than 500 days.
Mass of 15 g.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

In article we will strongly not go deep in α, β, γ-radiations ((((((((((they go deep into us) and the harm done by them to health and human life. The overview studying of numerous units of measurements is also beyond. For the general understanding it is possible to read article on the website "Popular Mechanics" "Medicine for a radio phobia: In total about radiation", or other articles executing the useful educational purposes.

Let's pass to consideration of the device.
In addition to an environment in the form of a link of "Pentiums", power and possibilities of microprocessor equipment are mortgaged in device "brains". The intelligence appeared with simultaneous reduction of the sizes and mass of the measuring instrument.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Now people smoke a little and forget the matchbox size therefore the processor is good means for a product size assessment: 52х50х12 mm.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

In addition to measurement of dimensions, babies it is accepted to weigh. Outstanding indicator!

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

And this pleasure eats from the widespread lithium CR2032 power source in computer circles, promising a fantastic indicator of operating time not less than 500 days! What can be presently more abruptly?

Influence service life of a battery:
— the hum level (the it is higher, the more often there is a discharge of the ionization chamber of the sensor that causes the subsequent operation of the high-voltage transformer);
— sound indication of exceeding of different thresholds;
— volume of every second sound click of indication of work;
— ambient temperature;
— type (brand) of a battery.

Let's look, we will listen. And what it can?

3D - modeling did not manage to be mastered therefore as visual survey rotation on шурупе© is offered

Note: the screw driver and a screw are not included in the package of delivery.
Noticed a lace with a brilliant lock on the end? By means of it, the product can become part of a sheaf with keys, as gave it the first part of the name "Charm".

The following step of acquaintance — to be convinced that a charm live. When it becomes boring, or the accumulator in phone will sit down, it is always possible to attach a charm on an ear and to hear the accurate calming sound of uniform clicks with a frequency of 60 beats per minute — power supply normal.

When exceeding level of a radiation background it is not necessary to bring a charm to an ear. The loud sound is heard at distance. And something prompts that the developer of the device is well familiar with the Morse alphabet …

As in the modern airplane there is no mechanical communication between a steering wheel and governing bodies, and in this radioactivity indicator there is no direct connection between punching of the bit camera of the sensor at flight of an ionizing particle and a sound as it was in ancient devices. In the device the concept "signalling levels" for the different events displayed by means of sound signals is used. All possible situations arising during the operation of the device are considered.
For most of inhabitants, the levels of signaling exposed by default are optimum. But the fact that all levels are easily configured under specific conditions is remarkable.
1. Every second clicks of indication of operability of the device were shown above. It is possible to select one of five audio levels of clicks with a possibility of their shutdown.
2. Five different thresholds of radiation are displayed by a pack from such quantity of sound signals what level was exceeded. The example of exceeding of the third and fourth levels — is enough one tablet pleasing the dosimeter.

3. Exceeding of the dose which is saved up since launch or reset (with a possibility of daily reset) propikivatsya by three short signals •••, "With" (SOS) or English "S" (SOS) in the Morse alphabet that means "will be enough, it is time to be on the lam".
4. At undervoltage of power supply to the threshold set by default in 2,8 volts, the device of times in half an hour reports about need of replacement of a battery with a combination from long and three short signals •••, the letter "B, B" (the battery, battery). He will work in such mode still long enough — to a quarter of all term.

In addition to a lace for fastening to a bunch of keys, the most attentive people paid attention to the connector in the device body. The beautiful wattled cord is included in the package of delivery. And it not the "lost tail" of a burro of News agency, and a meter USB cable that means connection of the device to the computer where it perfectly enters also remarkably leaves!

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

And it is very necessary to someone. If to present on birthday this lace (together with the counter), then the person will only be happy!
Apologize, distracted.

After connection, the computer finds and sets …

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

The HID compatible device under the name "Atom PRO". Early versions of the device appeared under the name of "Atom Pass 2", "Atom mini 2", but now it is called "Geyger's Charm".

By means of the Atom Basic program setup of the device and reading of archives is made.
The window of the program has upper and lower panels, and also three main tabs: "General", "Archive 24 hours" and "Archive of 300 days".

The lower panel serves for connection/shutdown of the device and indication of a status.
In its left part the Connect button with the indicator in the right lower part is located "Is disconnected". After connection, texts change on respectively "to Disconnect" and "Is connected".

General tab.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Buttons with circular green shooters allow to receive (to consider) parameter from the device.
The green tick sets (writes) new value in the device.
The red cross resets on value by default, and in the section "Time and Date" makes synchronization with computer time.
The Volume of Clicks slider allows to set volume from 0 (clicks are turned off) to 5 (the maximum volume). As the volume of clicks influences discharge of the battery of power supply and except work indication is not used anywhere, it is reasonable to set minimum heard level. Collateral application of this setup — determination of quality of operation of the hearing aid of the owner of the device.

The Archive 24 Hours tab allows to see the every minute values of a radiation level written in the device for the last days.
The Archive of 300 Days tab will show daily data of archive for the last 300 days where every day has information on each hour.
For reading of archive and updating of the diagram, at stay on the corresponding tab it is necessary to press the button with circular green shooters in the left part of a top panel of the program.
The buttons "Increase", "Reduce", "Initial Scale", "Transition according to the Diagram to the Left, Down, Up, to the Right" allow to make the corresponding actions with the diagram.

Diagram of archive "24 hours".

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Diagram of archive "300 days".

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Record of archives is the next valuable property of this device.
The charm has the built-in hours thanks to which when viewing diagrams, on a time scale it is possible to remember the location at the time of the raised radiation level.

By clicking a diskette icon in a top panel, there will be a loading of browsed archive on the computer in the csv format. An example of the table for the diagram "Archive 24 hours", shown above.


Now forget about the Atom Basic program. Now everything can be executed at higher level by means of the new Atom program having the modern graphic interface with screens of setup and diagrams, calculation of the saved-up dose for the period and other interesting "buns".

Program installation consists in several clicking buttons "Further" and "to Set". Versions 0.9.1, 0.9.3 and 0.9.4 were tested.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

After start of the program and connection of the device we observe a primary window of the program.
For the majority of cases of rather circular color indicator where the arrow displays value, and a color scale — danger level. Everything is so clear that it was possible to stop on it. But possibilities of the program are more extensive.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

More to the right of a scale of the color indicator the indicator saved up (is located from the moment of inclusion or the last reset) doses, setup of a threshold of signaling of the saved-up dose and "tick" of daily reset.

In addition to the pointer pointer, the current value is duplicated on the central digital indicator under which the small switch is located.
On it fight between adherents of different units of measure appears finished. Everyone selects usual μR/h (the window is shown above) or μSv/h (lower).

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

On the main screen it is possible to configure five different levels of signaling also: from 0,4 mkz / h to 500 mkz / h (40 … 50 000 μR/h) when which exceeding the charm will propiskivat the number of times corresponding to level.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

To determine date/time or to synchronize them with the computer.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

To select the optimum volume of the indicator of work (every second clicks).

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

To apply new settings or to return to factory.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

In upper part of a window of the program elements are located:
— a program icon (atom and 12 elements around, are carbon?);
— indicator (choice button) of a program interface language;
— indicator of connection of the device to the computer USB connector;
— battery charge level meter;
— button of closing of the program.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Example of a window of the program in English for foreign users.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

When finding the cursor on one of elements more than five seconds (the user reflected and does not know what to do), the window with the tooltip balloon appears.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

In addition to execution of the main task of warning of exceeding of radiant power, the device does not forget also results of the measurements, fixing them in a memory subsoil for further viewing in the form of diagrams at connection to the computer.
In the Atom program the interesting world of diagrams is located on the second tab which becomes available when clicking a side bar with an arrow.
It is implemented:
— simultaneous display and possibility of work with daily and annual diagrams;
— automatic data reading from the device and updating of diagrams;
— automatic scaling of upper limit of a scale;
— scaling by means of the toddler or a mouse castor;
— movement on a time axis by means of the toddler;
— display of the line of location of the cursor with the automatic indication of date and power of a dose;
— automatic calculation of the saved-up dose at selection of a necessary temporary fragment on the diagram.

Several examples.
Power on the daily diagram and calculation of the saved-up dose on annual.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

The English version with display in μR/h.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation


The second part in the name of a product hints that the Geiger counter is a part of the device if to be more precisely, then Geygera-Müller. In article it is possible to esteem about the principle of operation of the sensor.

The operation "Opening" allows to see device contents with loss of a guarantee for repair.
Halves of the body were strong fastened, and it was originally supposed to saw the body small "Bulgarian", but in the course of work only the knife was used.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

It is better to begin separation of the body with an overhang for a lace. After disturbing process, to a look the inner world of the device opens.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

On the upper party of a payment basic elements are located.
The sensor for registration tough a beta and gamma of radiations of SBM-10 which is expected the maximum limit 3,6 P \h (36 mzv \h). The interesting solution for its fastening is used — the body is pasted to a signal connect pad by means of a conducting compound: "is sewn" tightly — you will not tear off!

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Brilliant metal element with marking "4155" is the micro-USB connector from "Tyco Electronics" which for increase of durability of fastening is soldered to a payment through openings.
Plastic rectangle near the sensor — SMD a piezoelectric sound radiator of PKLCS1212 (12 and 12, it is its sizes with a height of body of 3 mm),

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

which radiates a sound through an exhaust outlet in the body.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Also, in addition to small "binding" on the upper party of a payment are located: the quartz resonator on the frequency of 12 MHz, a throttle of the high-voltage transformer and "brain" — the MSP430F5510PT microcontroller. In addition to mind and 32 CB of memory, the microcontroller is characterized by low consumption and broad from 1,8 to 3,6 range. More to the right of "brain" there are signal connect pads used for programming of a product.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Economic high-voltage schemes love purity and low humidity. For this purpose, the payment of the device is varnished, and the lower, high-voltage part, also sealant by means of which the payment is pasted to a body half. It is pasted very strong therefore did not begin to tear off a payment — the guarantee is already lost, and there is no wish to lose working capacity.
It is speculative it is possible to assume that a body of a dark side of a payment is tension transformer "3 in 400 volts", necessary for functioning of the Geiger counter.
Tension transformer for power supply of the gas-discharge counter, is PN3-400-0.1M, widely known in narrow circles. Technical information and video demonstration.

During the work in the conditions of a low radiation background, the device on average consumes current 13... 15 mk. During peep consumption increases up to 0,5 mA.
On the basis of data on power source capacity (210... 240 mA · w) and the consumed current, it is possible to evaluate time of continuous operation of the device.
I remember battery devices of 20-year where consumption in 0,5 mA was a great achievement.
Progress in area of minimization of consumption is made considerable. And it occurred along with increase of intellectual opportunities of the device.

Device shortcomings.
The structural surface of the body looks very effectively. But if you photograph the device for writing of the overview, then it is better to make it prior to operation as a relief lunar surface (the device from other planet can nevertheless?) attracts to itself different motes. For most of owners this problem does not matter.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

Dust, is more right a possibility of its penetration into a connector hole in pockets of some owners of the device (I among them) is also small trouble. On the other hand, not to put a stub in the connector!
The similar connector is present at the majority of modern phones. Therefore — keep pockets clean!

While we are uniform, we are invincible!

Now actually purpose of writing of article and why Habr/GT?
Feels many harmful factors of people: temperature, noise, humidity, brightness, bad air etc. At desire and sufficient will power, it can independently reduce their negative impact by the life.
With a radioactive radiation of it it will not turn out — the person has no appropriate authorities of feelings and when the biological effect of radiation begins, effects already came or will be shown in the future. Therefore, hot springs need to be found as fast as possible for their liquidation and reduction of a zone of radioactive infection.
And here the charm of Geyger which gives to the person "sixth sense" — feeling of radiation steps on the stage. With it there is a tranquility and confidence that the next parameter unavailable to human organs appeared under control.

As a rule, in official statements the radioactive background is always "normal". There is a wish to believe that this is true, but all is better to know firsthand.
And the first lips, it is the owners of sensors living in all regions. Except accidents which happen rather seldom there is a set of other sources which arise spontaneously, or near which we live and we do not guess about their existence.
To dispel manifestations of a radio phobia which is natural reaction of the person on unknown reliable data, information and education of inhabitants are necessary. And then the toner will not be radioactive in minds of some people.

Special services carry out work on measurements of radioactivity, but without mass character not to solve a problem of a scope of considerable territories.
Except those who need it on work devices for measurement of level of radioactive radiation are used generally by the people visiting already known places with the raised background. And though a large number of people has different dosimeters, these devices lie on shelves with the discharged batteries.
Geyger's charm is the device of permanent carrying. Similar products can be primary indicators of detection of new dangerous places and objects for further studying by other devices and specially trained people according to information obtained from …

And here huge field of activity for programmers on data handling from primary sensors opens.
Creation of service (resource) where owners Geyger's brelka and other similar devices will be able to send results of the measurements with indication of location of the indicator or a route of its movement is necessary. On the basis of the obtained and processed data it is possible to make the analysis of a situation with convenient display on the card.

On this resource have to be:
— the card/globe with the put data obtained from all sensors;
— the description of actions and actions at danger emergence;
— the directions of winds, rainfall and other meteorological phenomena influencing distribution of radioactive elements;
— information for education of inhabitants, including: terms, units of measurements, regulations, types, levels and doses of radiations, the done harm, treatment methods, the saved-up dose is displayed or collects in what time that collects in an organism, etc. that there was no confusion in the heads and conjectures disappeared. Something prompts that it is already time to be engaged in it not only on April 26.

Then if something happens, the person will have information on the basis of which he can make a decision — to fight against the phenomenon (and how) or to leave this district? Health is the most expensive.

As a result of implementation of this project, at mass character of participants, we will have the card of radioactivity in real time with a scope of the huge areas for detection of new and old sources of radiation.

A fine example of information processing was set by developers of this unique device able to become the main long-playing sensor of information on the offered resource. In fact, only one parameter — quantity of impulses of the sensor is measured. And how many the useful information is obtained as a result of processing and information display!
In the Atom program one important button is not enough — "To Share!"
Its adding will allow to integrate all sensors in a single network. And then all secret, unknown and frightening will become public and not such terrible.
Mass operation of the device will allow to reveal as soon as possible the majority of dangerous places with the increased level of a radiation background.

Wish to developers — to make a possibility of connection of a product to phone (it always nearby) by means of an USB cord. Then it will be possible to use phone screen for display of the value measured at present by search of hot particles in previously found zone with the raised radiation level. The task is rather rare therefore expediency of this sentence is questionable. In this case it is possible to use other devices having the indicator or to use the notebook.

If from microwaves and cell phones still argue on harm of radio emissions, then in a case with a radioactivity it is simpler and simpler: everything that above a background, it is bad. Actually, also the natural background is possibly bad, just here nothing can be done for responsible money.
Quote from here:
The outstanding Swedish radio biologist Zivert in 1950 came to conclusion that for action of radiation on live organisms there is no trigger level. The trigger level is such below which defeat is not found in each irradiated organism [the so-called determined (certain) effect]. At radiation in smaller doses the effect will be stochastic (accidental), i.e. certain changes among group irradiated surely will arise, but at whom exactly — it is in advance unknown.

After reading of these words the illness having the identical name with an arthropod animal with claws is for some reason remembered.

An attempt to reduce background radiation was made in experiment code-named "A hat from a foil".
At 5:00 in the morning the disconnected deep freeze which is standing in the room caught sight. From this point experiment on check of protective properties of different materials began.
7:40 – the charm from the refrigerator moved to a thick-walled pan from stainless steel.
10:00 – the pan together with contents is placed in the iron safe.
12:00 – the charm left a pan, but remained in the safe.
13:09 – the device is retrieved from the safe.
Further check of protective properties of the lead screens used in x-ray offices was outlined — it was supposed to evaluate extent of weakening of background radiation when finding the measuring instrument in the center of "pie" from two protective plates. But … plates just like that do not rent, even for the sake of experiment.
Men from workshop who always have available a piece of sheet lead 1,8 mm thick helped.
The small sizes did not allow to make full-fledged "pie", but it is possible now it is possible to learn information on background radiation — from where it arrives more, on top or from below?
13:07 – we measure radiation from Space (the charm is located on the sheet of lead).
Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation
14:10 – radiation arrives from the planet (lead on top).
15:10 – space radiation is included (lead is cleaned).
15:55 – the end of experiment.

The result of experiment is provided on the diagram.

Geyger's charm is an intelligence agent of radiation

As the level of background radiation changes, for purity of experiment it is necessary to make experiment long time, and also to use two identical devices, one of which is located in a protective cover, and the second will bail. But available there was only one device. It was supposed that the radiation level will decrease so that change will be noticeable on the diagram. But it did not occur. Moreover, the maximum value is recorded when the device was in the pan placed in the safe.
At the moment it is possible to draw a conclusion that the objects used in experiment if reduce background radiation, then it is only insignificant. Experiment continuation is necessary.
That the device purchased directional effect, it is desirable to use more effective shielding, for example, the high lead cylinder, diameter so of centimeters ten … twenty, to drill in is mute a deep opening where to place the measuring instrument.

Documentation on "Geyger's Charm".
1. The exchange protocol with the device. At interest from developers the library under Qt will appear.
2. Photos from article and others, not entered this overview.
3. Acquisition, and also program for connection to the computer, description, technical characteristics, operating manual.

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