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The information field of the modern person is so crowded and with such speed increases that there was even a concept digital detox – an interval of time when the person is disconnected from gadgets and keeps to "a low-information diet", that is consciously refuses all arriving information. This phenomenon is connected not so much with a mode how many with quality of information – without interruption we subscribe and unsubscribe from friends and communities, we try to configure a news field under ourselves, to avoid unpleasant or unnecessary subjects. These actions are imperceptible, but tire and take away time.

The Top Story command learned to influence a news flow and implemented ability in the application which is personalized proceeding from preferences of the user and helps to create those information flows which are necessary to the user. Let's get acquainted closer?

The Top Story application – news which love you

When the user installs and opens the Top Story application, in it popular news according to sections and categories are placed. However gradually the behavior and interests of the user are considered and Top Story selects and displays the most interesting to it to news – all readings, tabs and favorites of the user are analyzed by bekend-system which creates the new adapted news pool.

For example, we take the "blank" application, we install it on the smartphone on Android with KitKat 4.4 on a board (the application is suitable for Android starting with the 4th version. On App Store there is a version for iOS) and begin to be interested only in news about fighters and cars. Interest time – one day though actually for complete adaptation the system needs a little more time. The result does not keep itself waiting – after a while the user reads in more and more recommended about airplanes less about an animated cartoon "Minions" and disturbing foreign policy events which on all news lines are in a top.

The more you use the application, the best of all and closer it recognizes you and offers relevant news. Learnability is provided by hybrid referral system: each user is automatically marked with system ("tagged") on its interests and is associated with the device on ID. The quantity of such tags can fluctuate from ten to thousands. When the user updates news in Top Story, the smart referral system "recognizes" the owner and issues it a tape already proceeding from its interests, combining texts of news and user "tags" on a backend. If to speak simply, the principle of learnability of referral system in Top Story reminds a search mechanism which use Google or Yandex, however it not the same.

Top Story continuously updates events – the news which left on other tapes 2-3 minutes ago get to the aggregator. Such speed a great achievement to which it was succeeded to come, controlling enormous quantity of sources in the mode 24/7. Besides, due to algorithms of machine learning it was succeeded to achieve that news in a tape are not duplicated.

Structure of Top Story

The Top Story aggregator includes several sections.

Recommended – the first tab and just those news on interests which form for the user. Here news taking into account subscriptions, tabs, a key word and news read by the user get.

The main thing – the latest news from top tapes on all subjects. As it was already told, topics are loaded within 2-3 minutes from their emergence on tapes. Such speed of work of Top Story is necessary on temper even to exacting professionals.

Popular includes the news which are most read by other users. This section is filled with more entertaining content, than the section "Main thing".

Gallery – photo reports of the largest news lines gather here. A fine solution for those who love many qualitative photos and laconic signatures to them.

Further sections on interests follow: layfstayl, games, humour, cinema and music, Hi-Tech, sport, tourism, car. In them news on appropriate sections are aggregated.

The Top Story application – news which love you The Top Story application – news which love you

Subscriptions – the section in which the user collects subjects, interesting to himself from the offered sections on thematic blocks or by means of creation of an own subscription on a key word. Subscriptions can be deleted and selected new, all creation of 15 subscriptions is possible.

The section "Investigate" is intended for search of news in a key word and exerts impact on forming of news in recommended which are relevant to interests of the owner of the smartphone. The user can enter and delete words, creating a peculiar cloud of requests. After switching of tabs requests do not disappear, it is possible to address them at any time.

The user can select especially interesting materials in a separate subscription and add a separate label on a smartphone desktop. Thus, it is possible to have access only to news of interesting subjects on one clicking. Especially it is convenient until the section "Recommended" on was created, and the user needs only certain information. During removal the Top Story applications all labels are also deleted.

The Top Story application – news which love you The Top Story application – news which love you

Here so labels on a desktop look. Certain perfectionists can collect all subjects, interesting to themselves and select under them one of smartphone desktops.

Besides, in Top Story it is possible to create tabs on the pleasant articles, clicking an asterisk at the upper right (as in the browser). All chosen articles can be found easily in the section "My Collection" in the account. Giving of news today extremely interesting and bright – sooner or later even to the most uncommunicative user will want to share important news, the excellent photo report or amusing jokes with friends or colleagues. For this purpose the Schering panel with a set of services is provided in the Top Story application. Even news gets to Skype in very pleasant type: heading + link.

The Top Story application – news which love you The Top Story application – news which love you

News on subjects interesting to the user are also displayed in the upper menu of the smartphone – at the left there is a Top Story icon, and at deployment 1-2 most interesting or hot news drop out.

The Top Story application – news which love you

Top Story thinks much of convenience of the user therefore the day and night modes, and also setup of value of a font for elderly and visually impaired are provided in it. The night mode represents the white text on a black background – the convenient and not blinding solution for reading in the dark. Besides, such screen selects less light and it is possible to read at night, without disturbing the family, friends, fellow travelers who were near.

The Top Story application – news which love you The Top Story application – news which love you

My account – the section including authorization through VKontakte (and soon and through other services) and allowing to store collections of tabs, to switch the modes and to communicate with the developer by means of responses. By the way, the Top Story command it is unique she is sympathetic and fulfills each request, whether it be a wish, the complaint or gratitude. Without permanent fidbek of users it would not be succeeded to be ahead of our eminent competitors by several steps.

Top Story – the application not only smart, but also with big humour – if you want to leave, it will offer couple more of news: blue or red :-)

The Top Story application – news which love you

The Top Story application is available in App Store and Google Play, and we are still open for your responses and wishes. Soon there will be a new version, with even more interesting interface and changes which we made, based on wishes of our users.

For now read news – those which are interesting to you. Do not allow an information flow to capture you!

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