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3 years, 6 months ago
Tesla purchased the vendor of auto parts in staff where sales of the electric vehicles Tesla are prohibited

Tesla Motors purchased the Michigan company Riviera Tool. Earlier in Michigan sales of electric vehicles of this company as, under laws of the state, the vendor of cars cannot sell them directly were prohibited. Sales have to go through the dealer, and Tesla Motors refuses to work with intermediaries.

Now Tesla came into Michigan through the purchased company. It is how possible to understand, all the same does not acquire the right to sell the electric vehicles Tesla Motors. But here can sell parts and tools for the Tesla electric cars without problems.

All the matter is that the Riviera Tool company specializes in creation of systems of stamping that allows to create from single metal sheets different parts for a car. The purchased company will be renamed into Tesla Tool &Die.; Now 100 people are on the staff of the company, all of them will pass to Tesla. Besides, the vendor of electric vehicles hopes to cooperate also with other vendors of auto parts in the region.

Unfortunately, terms of transaction are not sounded.

In Michigan there are owners of Tesla electric cars and to have an opportunity to service the clients, providing services, the company went to the similar transaction. In principle, the quite good option allowing Tesla Motors to return to this state. The made parts will be delivered also on Tesla factory where electric cars gather.

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