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3 years, 10 months ago
When asked the English philosopher, the founder of agnosticism David Yum whether there is a world around, he answered: "I do not know". The fact that we take for the world for us exists only in our imagination.

Recently, one my friend asked about existence of world around too. Let's try to argue on this subject. I do not apply for the rigorous proof of existence or absence how many would like to understand, your comments only in my head at all? 

Let's say that the world around us does not exist. I/we are the head imagining all events happening to us. There is nothing, darkness. But the head has to exist? Existence of, I do not deny. Whether existence me, without existence of the head is possible? Strictly speaking, no. I exist, therefore and "the abstract head" — exists. It can exist not as we to ourselves imagine it (I apologize, my head imagines it). In some type, can not in material, absolutely another. And if the head has no "external" sense organs, then I also never learn.

There is some head Universe in which there are I/we. Whether we are this head, or the head is more than concept I? Why I/we can put equality sign between the head and "I"?

I am some set of experience, some abstract consciousness feeling the existence. I do not feel existence of illusions as whole with it. We cannot equate ourselves to the whole head. Then illusions of "head" are certain manifestation, external for me, and are not part me. Therefore, there is a world, external for me, which is imagined by "head" in which I am.

The head is more than me.

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