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3 years, 10 months ago
Creators of Freebase, the open knowledge base purchased by Google reported that the base will be closed. However, promise to close extremely gently and accurately: data will transfer to Vikidannye, will try to integrate community of authors there. Developers list deadlines and possible difficulties which it is necessary to face during migration in the official blog. At the same time, the message contains the mass of good news, for example, the promise to develop API Google Knowledge Graph.

Because many facts were taken in Freebase directly from Wikipedia, it is impossible just to take and fill in Freebase dump in Vikidannye. Vikidannykh is one of the basic principles existence of links to authoritative sources. Creators of Freebase will provide the tools allowing to check data for existence of links, using Google Search and even mysterious Google Knowledge Vault.

On June 30 the website and API Freebase will be deleted. At the moment, the base contains 46 million objects and nearly three billion facts.


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