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On the mountain the experienced bull-programmistishche and a young bull-calf-programmistik sit, the herd "potential" below is at the foot of a hill grazed"...... Young bull-calf:
— And let's run, we will run down!. and otprogrammy that cool problem toy!
— Nea …
— Well then … let's run, we will run down!. and otprogrammy that nice network problem!
— Nea …
— Well then … let's run, we will run, we will run down!. also we will program that ofigitelny problem of artificial intelligence!!!
— The Nea … we will slowly climb down a mountain … and otprogrammiruy all. On whom will show us the administration and for what we get paid.
(c) from mine

Let's understand who is who.

Quite often I see on Habré statements like "this programmer what has insayta, inspiration, burning with work!" That is interesting, so also highly experienced individuals sometimes write. I suggest to take vote to evaluate what what percent of programmers zakhabren on this website.


1. You the freelancer if you consider that:
— the programmer has to set tasks to himself; creativity and its freedom have to be absolute!
— it is necessary to be married to the job, to program literally, having forgotten about everything.
— it is necessary to think of the project and out of work, sometimes even at night in a dream.
— money is not so important, the feeling of happiness at work, at least sometimes when you find an unevident solution, a difficult bug, etc. is important.

Though as option, it is not excluded vozmozhnst to be as a result "the portraitist of idly unsteady tourists on the Old Arbat", earning on bread under opened by the sky because your ingenious cloths are necessary to nobody.

2. You a raspisyvatel "under Gzhel" (or the architect of houses if you want) if you consider that:
— there is no freedom of choice of a task and creativity is strongly limited too, though there is a certain field for maneuver/self-expression.
— the administration or clients has to set tasks, but not to get into a task solution, and to serve as purely external customer.
— the choice of a solution of a task can be limited to the used libraries, resources, iron, language, etc.
— money and an interesnost of tasks correspond for you as 50/50.

But it is possible sometimes and to dream with grief: eh, be at me complete freedom, I would fix IT, I would think up IT!.

3. You the painter (but professional) if you think that:
— there is no freedom of choice of a task and what there, even almost all standard and creativity is not enough task here.
— the administration or clients has to set tasks and they can get into a task solution, especially the administration, for various reasons.
— yes what there, even colleagues can get into your solution.
— your solutions are strongly limited to a various framework, means, guidelines. dokumenty, etc., etc. And it is life, and against it you will not trample.
— even standard tasks can be done well or crookedly and the fact that you do them well, professionally brings you satisfaction (satisfaction, but not happiness and delight).
— you just work work, for money, but even in standard tasks is a lot of things rather interesting that did not cramp a cheekbone with boredom.

A lot of things are possible: to fall into melancholy, into a depression, to be killed to an apsten. Or to live to itself and to live. And with a smile to look on "free" and their okh and akh.
As whom you feel in a work/profession
Raspisyvatel "under Gzhel" (or the architect of houses)
Painter (but professional)

343 persons voted. 138 people refrained.

The users only registered can participate in poll. Enter, please.

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