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4 years, 5 months ago

Already before start of IOS 8 was a heap of rumors about what there will be and what functions will enter to updating.
It is possible to find in the RuNet a lot of links where it is possible to enter UDID and, having paid a money (on average 400 rubles), having been included in the account of the developer, to deliver to IOS 8.

For the sake of a trick, I created VKontakte the message that I will make it for 50 rubles, but nobody responded (actually, well that did not respond).

Let's not speak about honesty and sense: give I just I will describe this updating which I put on the iPad Mini with Retina.

As I already have an account of the developer, in, after adoption of the new agreement, it is possible to see the IOS 8 tab.
Where it is possible to see software for development and an axis which weighs approximate 1,4 gigabytes in compressed zip archive.


All simplicity of installation is normal and not especially interesting.

The most interesting began later.

IMPORTANT: this opus is made that the version it is not necessary to use Beta as user on below to the described reasons (and many do it).

The first, than the screen it met me there was this the picture:

IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation

From pluses, I can tell that the first phrase which it showed was in Russian, unlike the same MacOS.

After that I answered several questions, entered the password of iCloud and … saw remarkable:

IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation

After that I was rummaged around on applications and did not see anything especially new. The blocking screen did not change too.
From trifles I can tell family access which in general is no need me.

From work: it became noticeable how the system wakes up and lagat. Sometimes it reacts to actions not at once, applications began to take off more often … Generally, performance from Beta should not wait.

IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation

After I returned on the application of a photo and deleted the sent letter from draft copies, the application took off.

From graphic innovations it is possible to see the Today screen:

IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation

IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation

As you, probably, noticed, message groups began to be highlighted in bold by a rectangle.

From pluses — there are more opportunities to edit the image. In the keyboard the ruble sign appeared. Search of Spotlight became "richer" and more English.

IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation

There were additional keyboards:

IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation


Nothing new for the sake of what N rubles will want to pay. From performance too anything.
Beta — is beta. Moreover, I will tell that, most likely, Apple specially entered not all changes here that there was no sense to be updated on Dev the version.

P.S.: Hm after I achieved that the initial screen was a little shifted, I tried to photograph it … And it hung up. = (
And, no … He just forgot to clean white color from the screen …

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