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4 years, 8 months ago
I welcome community. I want to tell of one gloomy history because it is difficult to keep it in itself, and cry on shoulder two friends supporters not very much helped.

I decided to change from the desktop computer on the notebook as my profession has a direct bearing most on IT (the main work — the engineer of department of information technologies, plus web programming "there, here") and sometimes it is useful to take a figurative workplace. There was on hand a netbook, but the diagonal of its screen did me to long at the moments of work on the websites and according to intellectual and computing characteristics he not especially shone.

The last, probably, years 7 main and only operating system at me of Arch Linux, cost everywhere: on the working computer, on house, on the netbook, on VPS. I will not paint all pluses of web development in Linux now, I will tell only that I am simply happy to work in this system. So, upon purchase of the notebook of a question of the choice of a distribution kit did not stand.

With the notebook there was a preset Windows 8, I decided not to take down everything on a disk this time, and to try to make friends both systems. After all, for system, respectively, the price of the device was wound and would not be superfluous to have just in case near at hand a product of Microsoft (something to start or to run about at a leisure to some Igarka, the notebook, after all, not weak). A task, in principle, quite trivial, with the clause that the notebook had onboard UEFI with a disk GPT marking what I, frankly speaking, especially closely did not work with.

Read manuals on this subject, began to work. Reduced the section with Windows content to 100 GB, the section at the roots of Linux created after it one more 100 GB, after it undressed under Swap, used the remained place in the form of the NTFS section for data for both systems. After it left not touched recovery partition. Set Arch Linux, everything was got without problems, both systems by clicking of F12 were loaded.

Decided to look at Windows 8. Loaded. Well, I will make a reservation that last time on some of my PC devices there was a Windows XP, neither with Windows Vista, nor I as the regular user did not work with Windows 7. He is familiar with them only on a work debt. I think, even you should not describe what zoo from the preset software on the notebook I found. Each five minutes some of programs something reports, Avira shouts that in safety defect, someone furiously demands some registration, etc., etc. At Avira did not find a method of regular unloading from memory, thought, to extinguish service, and them there was whole ten. Generally, I began to delete software products not so interesting to me. I understand that this moment does not characterize directly operating system at all, I only try to describe approximately the atmosphere to which I got and from which I already weaned.

As for directly Windows 8. Well, naturally, tile. Here I a little what understood, only that here mine nobody is going to save Internet traffic: some news, weather and other in itself flickers. Well it is fine. At inclusion noticed that in the notebook it is got and the Admin account is used for an input. I do not know, whether this work of staff of shop, whether now the built-in account of the administrator (and there was always Administrator/Administrator) so is called, but so will not go. It is better to work under the user with less fancy rights, using "administrator" at direct need. Got to create the new user. And it asks to enter to me e-mail and the password, say, I to you will synchronize everything, clouds and so on. And it is necessary to me? The system knows better me. It was necessary to wait a little with creation of the new user. And, found not at once how to switch off the notebook. By force of telepathy found Win+I hot key causing on the right a panel on which, in addition, there is a switching off button. Though, can eat also more intuitive method (apart from clicking the hardware button on the notebook).

But all salt began later, it I so, just a little described what straight off was not pleasant to me. Were of course and the positive moments noted by me, but I forgot them at all after a case, an event today. It was loaded once again into Windows 8, report to me that I, the lucky such, can receive free of charge updating to Windows 8.1. Hm why is also not present? Especially, I heard that in this version refused some radical innovations of Windows 8, for example, of lack of the Start-up button. I agree, the installer on 3 with something gigabytes began to be downloaded. Business was in the middle of night, I decided not to wait for the ends of loading, the Internet at me not very fast. Dipped illumination of the screen, went to bed. Looked in the morning that there — Linux is started. Aha, probably after the end of loading automatic installation in the course of which reset and as Linux, here and result is by default loaded was required began. Rebooted the notebook, I select Windows. Installation process continues. By the way, not so intuitive, percent just run and the current process is briefly described, like "The equipment is prepared". After all stages at last Windows 8.1 was loaded, but something emerged like the master of initial setup. And here again the familiar song — me ask to enter e-mail and the password. To refuse or even at least it is impossible to pass this step. How so? The Gmail account did not risk to enter, got the new account regular means of this master and asked to choke and lag behind me. By the way, there confirmation by the SMS still was required and the activation code for some reason did not come in any way (came as a result with quite big delay), pleased that there was an opportunity to postpone this action, otherwise it would be absolutely sad.

After all steps reset was required again. After that the password from that svezhezavedenny account became the password from the account of my notebook. Remarkably. There now, it seems and all. I am a happy owner of Windows 8.1. But early I rejoiced. I reboot in the coziest Linux and … Oops. Grub tells something about unknown file system. Cannot be! At first I thought that this installer again relabelled all disk. With absolutely fallen mood I reboot back in Windows, I come into management of disks. No, sections, thank God, on site. But! After the section with Windows the fitter for some reason created one more section about 300 Mb in size. I do not know, it drew in the section with Windows or "bit off" a piece from the beginning of the root Linux (if the second, then in general the pechalka, but at fluent survey, nevertheless, it seems, the first), but anyway, numbering of sections floated also Linux so far off side. Why it with me so?

Even if my assumptions will come true and it will turn out that the file system on / is live and enough only to podkonfigurirovat the loader that everything earned again (now just there is no opportunity it to be engaged, there is neither USB stick, nor a disk that from something to be loaded), I have no desire to deal with this system any more. Why one more section was necessary? It is clear, that it is some section of the environment of recovery Windows, but, you see, it meanly, here so, without having warned to relabel a disk. As a result I remained not capable in respect of work on all days off. Tomorrow, when I will reach tools, I will copy all necessary on the external carrier, I will demolish a GPT marking, I will disconnect UEFI, I will mark a disk old kind MBR and I will roll the favourite Arch exclusively on all disk. Everything, acquaintance is ended. Though, try to overpersuade me.

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