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4 years, 9 months ago

Providing to users service, it is necessary to think of whether they will be able to abuse it, among other things.

For example, the China Eastern Airlines company decided to give to owners of first class tickets an opportunity of free change of date of a departure in the purchased ticket. And, as it became clear recently, one unnamed Chinese decided to use it.
It is known that practically at all airports the waiting VIP-zone with free food in cafe is available to owners of first class tickets. The same service is also at the Chinese airport Xi'an.
The marked Chinese arrived as follows: it passed under the ticket in a VIP-zone, ate in cafe, then transferred date of a departure next day, and left.
And so 300th time in a row.
That is, the person ate nearly a year free of charge. And when the airline somehow paid attention to a situation, the Chinese learned about it, and just returned the ticket, having received its cost back.
The representative of airline explained that they had no opportunity to counteract such "exceptional case".

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