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4 years, 11 months ago
Only that article that someone wants to check the theory of Tesla was written, the post was zaminusovat, the user became read-only and the post was hidden. Perhaps, this business not grateful to remember such post. And in general, if I should have put money, charlatans they or not, or it will turn out at them or not. I would put on the fact that they are charlatans and at them nothing will turn out. But two days ago in news there was news that scientists in Singapore perhaps revealed Effekt Mpemby.

The effect of Mpemby is called in honor of the African boy who noticed 1963 that hot dairy mix turns into ice cream (is frozen) quicker than cold.

Already the page in Wikipedia was refreshed. Two days ago there was no point yet
Because of a difference in energy reserved in hydrogen communications [2]

It is interesting to me how many in our science of similar inaccuracies what the African boy can notice approximately?

If to eliminate all incidents, inconsistent subjects, then we will be blind and we will not see amazing and important opening. Having read the page in Wikipedia two days ago I had an opinion that in general it is unproven that this effect exists. In 50 years no who especially worried that is unclear how water heats up and cooled and this water was used in reactors.

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