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4 years, 11 months ago
This post – transfer of record of Daniel Burstejn (Daniel Burstein) from the blog MarketingSherpa.

Daniel analyzed cases of nominees on the award MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014 regarding relevance of campaigns a mail marketing and gave the assessment to campaigns of participants of an award.

I will remind that relevance is "capability to correspond to something, to be essential, important, pertinent". In this case, it is about relevance of the marketing message to interests of the receiver of the e-mail.

Further there is transfer. My comments are italicized.

October 25, 2013

"OK, mails have to be relevant. I understand it.
But what it is necessary to do? I do not understand what to begin with"

(The complaint a mail marketing specialist at the summit of MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2011).

As I was one of judges of the award MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014 for which ExactTarget sponsors, I had an opportunity to evaluate, how far marketing specialists promoted [in the direction of relevance a mail marketing] in recent years.

I am among those who are skeptical about opinion that the software can solve all problems of marketing specialists (to me it seems that the idea of "a magic solution" "is strongly resold"), it is necessary to recognize that solutions on automation of marketing help to move forward a mail marketing specialists with great strides in respect of creation of more and more relevant letters.

Partly this results from the fact that such solutions gave to marketing specialists new [technical] opportunities, partly because their emergence forced marketing specialists to be more customer-oriented and to think of needs of the clients more.

Here you have problems with mailing of relevant mails to your subscribers?

Have to be! Because it, really, difficult.

"To include" your brain, here to you three examples of successful campaigns from winners of the award MarketingSherpa Email Awards 2014.

Lesson 1: turn lemons into lemonade (for those who love lemonade)

If you offer more than one goods or services, most likely, at you different types of clients. To adjust relevant communications with them, you need to understand what of these products are pleasant to them most of all.

The Creative Co-Op company (online store of wholesale trade in decor objects for the house), the winner in the category "Connect and Integrate" (E-commerce subcategory), used data analysis about orders and a solution on marketing automation to notify buyers on goods which those ordered earlier and which, perhaps, are required to be ordered again.

"The marketing campaign Creative Co-Op used several data sources to create actual [on delivery time] and relevant [according to contents] mails. We analyzed history of orders to send the personalized mails, notifying the buyer that goods which it ordered, arrived on sale of a commodity remaining balance, and also showed these goods in the letter, coordinating information to goods. Such integration of data allowed to wage incredibly effective campaign on a mail marketing" — Caitlin Kelly (Caitlin Kelly), the senior account manager in Whereoware agency which was responsible for campaign implementation says.


What result was achieved? Campaign became one of the most profitable initiatives of Creative Co-Op in the field of a mail marketing which result was a return on investment (ROI) in the amount of 808% of ROI only in the first month.

Here one more useful insayt for the companies which conduct sales of this kind, from Caitlyn: "It is interesting that the appeal to visit the site led to significant growth in sales among goods in normal assortment. Clients came to look at goods on sale, but bought also other goods during visit" — Caitlyn says.

"The fact that we communicated with wholesale buyers as with individuals made considerable profit for the Creative Co-Op company both on goods on sale, and on goods in normal assortment" — it continues.

When I asked Caitlyn what she can advise marketing specialists who want to deliver more relevant letters, she mentioned three key elements of the successful campaign made on solutions on marketing automation: data, personalisation, triggers.

"You treat customers as to individual buyers with individual interests. For creation of the successful personalized sentence data are necessary. Most of marketing specialists has sources of such data, just they did not think of it or did not analyze data. For example, the marketing specialist can have data on history of orders, but he did not think of comparing them with the range of shop or data on visits of the website. Combining several sources of information, you can create trigger campaign which will be personalized for the receiver of the letter and, most likely, will allow to increase conversion percent [in the order]".

Look at campaign details in a case which was prepared by Whereoware agency.

Lesson 2. Assess a situation, redirect clients in the direction necessary to you

The present peak of interest to content to marketing is quite justified. When you give potential clients useful information and train them, they will readily become your clients.

But it is not enough to have just good content.

You have to have a good strategy allowing to create relevant content. It is important because as your potential clients (leads) consume your content and participate in the program of development of leads (lead nurturing), what once was for them relevant, can stop being that. In content marketing the distance separating "magnificent" content from "so-so" content is less, than the distance distinguishing a scene star from the drawn singer.

Why to be engaged content in marketing so difficult? Just because when we for the first time tell clients something [valuable], they think that we are good fellows. But when they hear the same information for the second time, perceive us as banal bores.

The IHS company, the winner in the category "Deliver and Automate" (a subcategory of "Lead Gen"), simply cancelled the general newsletter of Jane's Defence. Usually for any company the newsletter - it is the most important element marketing content. But the HIS company narrowed the focus in content marketing to the main target audience (military, representatives of civil services, representatives of intelligence agencies, and also the companies from the sphere of aircraft and defense industry).

I will allow Byron O'Dell (Byron O’Dell), the senior director of demand management from department of corporate marketing, to explain …

"IHS used a mail marketing, solutions on marketing automation, and also the thought-over content strategy to change communication with this difficult segment. We passed from monthly general mailing to system of generation of leads which allowed subscribers to select what messages they want to receive, on the basis of their interests, and also to configure [sent advertizing] messages on the basis of their actions" — O'Dell says.

Here is how the algorithm of such program [work with leads] looks …


As a result of transition to such program, IHS increased extent of interaction with subscribers by 10 times.

"Messages such difficult campaigns in the field of content of marketing and automation of marketing very difficult — O'Dell in the application for participation in an award writes. – For us the very first, most important step, was to define resources (command), then to look at a situation under a new corner and to revaluate the current processes".

Lesson 3. Even in the field of B2B clients too people

The first two examples were connected with solutions on marketing automation. Not to exaggerate their value, I will give the return example.

If you use a solution on automation of marketing and try to create relevant campaign a mail marketing for audience B2B, the choice of a software can affect how you create the message. As a result you will be focused on what will allow to create convenient chains of trigger messages. For example:

  • values in the fields "position", "industry", "main problems of business",
  • data on visit of the website (what documents downloaded what webinars were attended, etc.).

However any platform on automation of marketing will not help you to create messages which will be interesting [automatically].

When I asked Pamela Marki (Pamela Markey), the senior marketing director of the MECLABS company which was in jury too and estimated works of nominees that was pleasant to it in works of winners, she answered: "They appealed to interests of the subscribers. Marketing specialists could literally "get into a skin" the potential clients. They sent not that information which could be reported, and what was really important for their clients".

Fine example of such approach – mailing of the SunGard Availability Services company, the winner in the category "Connect and Integrate" (a subcategory of "Lead Gen").

Data recovery after natural disasters, cloud solutions, the managed services, IT consulting, services for ensuring continuous work business … here I fell asleep. So, what am I telling?

And yes, though all these difficult IT solutions are very important for business, they are not so interesting to audience, such as,… holy Christ, the zombie Apokalipsis!


Having forgotten that it is necessary to obratsya to "positions" and "business to interests", SunGard managed to create the messages interesting to any person which receivers willingly shared on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. The company received about 2000 such reposts.

"It is a good example of that as marketing specialists can show creativity and select the brand generally [advertizing] "noise". It shows as use of unusual subjects, unusual creatives and non-standard messages can cause a great interest of audience even then when you address top managers" — Juli Bryuyer (Julie Brewer) responsible for marketing communications writes to SunGard Availability Services, in the application for participation in an award.

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