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11 years, 1 month ago
IMPORTANT: It is not the second part, these are only small comments, can even justifications.

I welcome all who read, commented, lifted and lowered a karma, and also commented on article: "Experiments with a mamba. Part 1"

Frankly speaking, when the first part of article was written I did not even assume that it will become the best during all the time. And who could assume it then.

According to the logic of things, I would have to finish the story about the Mamba on the first part, leave so to speak on success. But it will not be. The rating not the main thing though I will not hide for me is a big dope, I here not for money work. I promised that the subsequent parts will be even more interesting than the first, and I will keep the word.

But as from the moment of an output of the first part passed already few weeks, and the second does not appear, I decided to explain why.

Reasons two.

1. In the second part I initially was going to write about the monetary relations on the Mamba. The story about the one who, how many pays, interview with partners of a resource. To generally tell what is hidden. But then more interesting idea came to mind, the truth its implementation demands bigger time. I will not go into details that the surprise was, but I will tell that public people whom all of you know will participate in experiment. And they will participate exactly, but not I without their permission.

2. The second reason is a lack of time in recent days. The matter is that at me on September 29 (this Saturday) a wedding. At once I speak – the bride not from a mamba))). So I ask to understand.

Generally, to be continued, but a bit later.

For now I have a request to all of you. However, about it I will not write better, and I will tell.

PS who said to All that article became interestingly at the expense of boobs. If I wanted to play on boobs, I would place here such photo, and without die "Censorship".
Experiments with a mamba. Transferring of terms.
Who will tell those that I play on boobs also now, I will tell that paid attention, a photo I put under kat.

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