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In Finam of FM studio — Boris Ovchinnikov, the partner of research agency Data Insight, and Vasily Esmanov, the publisher of Look At Me and The Village. Together with the leader, Maxim Spiridonov, they say about start in Facebook of a platform under applications for new type of the user profile (Timeline), about mass protests against adoption of two severe laws by the Congress of the USA in the field of the Internet and copyright, about defeat of one of the largest file exchange websites of the world, about how online broadcast of Russian presidential elections will be organized on March 4, and also how at the end of last year outstripped on attendance of "Yandex".

1. Facebook social network started the Timeline Apps platform. It supports various applications based on the Open Graph protocol. On the personal page of the user who will resort to the help of applications of this kind information on in what places he was what recipes used what purchases made will be displayed, for example. These actions of the participant of a social network are displayed in the news block of his friends.

— About practice of use Timeline Apps and its commercial perspectives.
— Why Facebook first of all is necessary "Chronicle" and all to it accompanying?
— Boris Ovchinnikov: "It is unlikely users will consider contrast transition to such applications".
— Vasily Esmanov: "Timeline is not just the business card, and rather family superalbum".

2. On Wednesday, January 18, the English version of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia was closed for days in protest at the anti-piracy bill SOPA and the bill on protection of intellectual property of PIPA. This solution was approved by editors of a resource. In "a digital strike" along with many other websites social media of Reddit and service of electronic declarations Craigslist participated popular news. Information on a protest action was placed by more than seven thousand websites. Because of a wave of discontent with bills their consideration of the Congress of the USA by the House of Representatives and senate is postponed indefinitely.

— A political situation in the USA in the light of regulation of the Internet.
— Whether large web businesses are capable zrimo to influence changes of the legislation and if yes, that in what degree?
— Vasily Esmanov: "In the form in which tried to give SOPA to the Congress, it is very dangerous".
— Boris Ovchinnikov: "We are present when forming new political reality. If in Europe questions of a copyright are reduced to local progress of the Pirate Party, then in the USA, seemingly, in the current year questions of a copyright will become an essential factor of political struggle, and positions of candidates on these questions will influence directly them ratings".

3. On January 19 at the request of prosecutor's office of the American state of Virginia the file exchange website was closed. His creators and heads, including the founder of service Kim Schmitz, are accused of unauthorzsed use of objects of copyright. Causing damage to owners for the sum over half a billion US dollars is incriminated to defendants in the case. Mister Schmitz and three his colleagues, whose names are not revealed yet, are arrested in New Zealand. Three more are wanted. The detained heads of service deny the fault.

— Megaupload: a presage of a new wave in fight against distributors of non-licensed content? Why exactly around it clouds were condensed?
— The Russian practice of interaction of the state with the file exchange websites and torrents.
— Boris Ovchinnikov: "Synchronism surprises. Closed a resource, and at the other end of the world his heads are arrested".
— Vasily Esmanov: "The concept of viewing of files of the Internet is still far from legislative rules".

4. Details about the organization of online video broadcast of Russian presidential elections which will pass on March 4 became known. The system of video surveillance will be founded on technology of the Telemarker company, the deputy minister of communication and mass communications Ilya Massukh reported. The cumulative budget of the project is estimated at 13 billion rubles. His general contractor assigned "Rostelecom". On each of nearly 100 thousand sections about two cameras connected to notebooks and transmitting the image and a sound in real time will be installed. According to the statement of the CEC, for the end of last week 70 percent of the equipment for video transmission were delivered from the countries of Southeast Asia. It should be noted that persons interested to look at broadcasting will need to select in advance, from what sections they want to receive the picture.

— Whether will make choices online video broadcasting from polling precincts is more transparent?
— The term birth — "notarized skrinkast".
— Vasily Esmanov: "This populist solution by means of which they wanted to make [elections] elegant for the western community. Such number of cameras cannot physically be traced adequately".
— Boris Ovchinnikov: "From the point of view of the realization value of so large-scale project in such short time the sum, perhaps, is justified. But from the point of view of idea in general this money can find one hundred more effective, interesting applications, and to solve problems of transparency of elections other, easier ways".

5. According to the report of TNS Web Index, the portal in November of the last year overtook projects of Yandex Company on monthly audience. So, the pages in penultimate month 2011 were visited by 29 million 429 thousand people. At "Yandex" the corresponding indicator on 34 thousand people is less. Since September, 2008 this search engine steadily advanced in the number of monthly audience a rival portal.

— What stands behind change of and "Yandex" positions?
— Andrey Sebrant, marketing director of services of "Yandex": "This statement carrying rather an a PR sense. <...> In daily audience we are in the lead with a separation".
— Boris Ovchinnikov: "Such small difference on results of research of one of measuring instruments taking into account an error is a convention. <...> In the market it changes nothing as positions of both players depend not on the one who the first, who the second".
— Vasily Esmanov: "At "Yandex" now such news are including news to shares holders, potential buyers, and he only just learns to work with corporate sector".

6. On Monday, January 16, the Futubra microblog service officially opened. As representatives of the website report, for the first days of work in the open mode it attracted more than 17 thousand people. Let's remind, functionality of service gives the chance to publish short messages, to 200 characters, to share a multimedia content, to subscribe for updates of other users, to create events. Images and video are output to Futubra directly in events feed. The service interface among other allows creation of separate tapes on which materials of on what updates the owner of the account is signed will be distributed.

— Details about Futubra. What niche the project can occupy?
— Alexey Terekhov, project manager of Futubra: "A problem of the next few days and weeks for us — fight for quality of content and high culture of those who use us".
— Vasily Esmanov: "I am afraid, such projects which are given rise in a subsoil of the big companies seldom happen successful".
— Boris Ovchinnikov: "I do not believe that the project without support by all capacities of will manage to shoot, grow itself".

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