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7 years ago
As I tested samsung galaxy s 2 In this article I will tell about the subjective feelings from samsung galaxy s 2 and about that as I could receive it for testing from the Samsung company.

It is a little background, in this life I had 4 phones on the android of htc hero, htc desire, zte blade and samsung galaxy tab 7, there were as well all iPhones except 4s. When that I thought of transferring of to a cloud and transition from normal mobile to a smart (I do not even know as on another to call), and the choice stood between android and iphone, before I passed completely to Google services and the choice fell on android, and apple there is still not enough complete support of work with google services (though during a week there was gmail for ios).

Once during an ice cold winter time I wanted the new galaxy tab 10.1 tablet and wrote to questions of the Samsung company on Habré. Received an affirmative answer and time went, three months of negotiations later at the end of September I received long-awaited galaxy s 2 instead of the tablet (but at this time I was already captured by ipadom 2).

The first impression of phone is its quite cheap type, it is completely executed of plastic and in addition to a cheap type significantly won in the weight (the easiest device which I held) and on a market its average price of 22500 rubles, I think the companies Samsung it is worth letting out one more leader who would look more solid. A back cover very thin and if you shortly tonsured nails to you it not to remove. Under it slots for sd cards, sim cards and batteries on 1650 mah disappear. The battery lasts approximately for 8 hours of active use of phone and it is the main minus of phone in comparison with iphone.

The screen by the sizes same as well as at htc hd2, but because of thinner body the thumb at me reaches any point of the screen. The button of switching off is on the right above and it is convenient to click it a thumb, the most successful solution in comparison with upper buttons on ayfone4, htc desire and buttons among at htc hd 2. In drawing I drew a schematical arrangement of buttons at these devices.

As I tested samsung galaxy s 2

Also pleased the sensor of applying of phone to an ear, I do not know as it is called on science, but here it is made wonderfully well and I did not reset a cheek of any phone call what I cannot tell about other phones (perhaps a situation with iphone 4 good too, but I used it very little).

Very much pleased the speed of operation of phone, it is only device where at me does not brake Skype at intensive chats (and Skype manages to brake and fall even on ipad 2). Everything opens very quickly, the Internet flies, toys play about. I will note the only thing all the same sticking of google reader are observed, but here probably developers of the company of good are guilty.

Also pleases that in new android there is an opportunity to share 3g the Internet on wi-fi literally five clicking of a finger. If someone knows a widget which on one clicking rummages 3g the Internet write in comments, I unsuccessfully looked for it in a market (not to offer quick wifi, one click there is a wish).

The camera on 8 megapixels, removes well only in good lighting, shoots more slowly than the camera with iphone 4 so here is where to work to Samsung. Two photos from phone: the first lupoglaz, the second a master class on a creative from red keds.

As I tested samsung galaxy s 2

As I tested samsung galaxy s 2

Touch buttons become a scourge of all devices, I hate telling fairly them also the only thing that this device that at it one of three buttons not touch somehow forgives. I think the device which will be at the same level as well as this, but without touch buttons, will enjoy wide popularity.

The screen looks perfectly, on autoregulation perfectly shows in dark and on the sun, permission is enough for viewing of pages on the Internet and on video.

From this about what I did not tell and what did not manage to use: radio (usually I listen, but here at me earphones were lost somewhere), mini-hdmi (I just have no place to stick it), technical characteristics (frequency of the processor and other, as to the user are not interesting to me at all).

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