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7 years, 6 months ago

Day later after the mail service Yahoo suffered from partial shutdown, the company reported — failure affected about 1 million accounts.

Problems began on Thursday, at 7:30 in the morning, and by 11 in the morning they reached the pica. At this time about 1 million users were left without access to mail.

"We found out basic reasons of this problem and recovered services" — Stephanie Shum, the chief manager on services Yahoo writes in the blog. "Letters were not lost completely. We understand that you will be annoyed very by lack of access to mail, and we do everything to avoid similar in in the future."

It is not clear yet when Yahoo use a backup. Yahoo is also not specified that caused problems.

Though users of mail of Yahoo write to twitter now that they are glad that service is available, many of them are offended on the company for idle time in spite of the fact that service is provided free of charge.

"Yahoomail was disconnected at the moment, quite important for me. It was necessary to pass quicker to Gmail", Saemon writes.

"Shutdown of mail of Yahoo seriously affect our work. It is necessary to look for alternative." - writes ADVoPM

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