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7 years, 7 months ago
Windows Phone 7 the client for Forismatic

Make to words closely and it will go hard with thoughts … (c)

It is sure, some are already familiar to Habralyudi with service of winged expressions — Forismatic. And someone already uses his mobile clients under iPhone and Android. The benefit of API it is open and allows to create quickly clients under different platforms.

Too very much it is pleasant to make to me this service therefore I prompted to children from our company on the tender MS SWIT of the client for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Now the application officially got on Marketplace, and we are ready to share it with Habrasoobshchestv absolutely free of charge.

The application is run in inherent Forismatic minimalist style and the following is able:
  • To display quotes in the Russian and English languages;
  • To send the SMS with the winged expression;
  • To show the help about the author of the quote in Wikipedia.

I will be grateful for your responses.

To set Forismatic

Windows Phone 7 the client for Forismatic
Windows Phone 7 the client for Forismatic

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