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7 years, 8 months ago
I suggest you to relax and listen to music for 15 minutes.
The new album is devoted to a female half of mankind in honor of already yesterday's holiday. And it is specific — the girl with blue hair by the name of Evanika.
The album is completely based on improvisation.

It is possible to download the free or paid version (here it is possible and to listen to all tracks directly on the website).
Between them there is no difference. A difference only in your views of distribution of music on the Internet.
Other albums and contacts can be found here

15 minutes of rest

Still — at requests of some habralyudy a little statistics on success of idea of Donat.
Not for the sake of reproach and not for advertizing — just to satisfy interest.
If to look upon positive responses — in general music was pleasant to most of users.
Including Habr's audience and several other less large Russian-speaking resources — the album was downloaded more than 9 thousand times.
From all who downloaded an album paid 55 people.
20 of them — no more than $1
In the sum $170 in 4 months turned out.
From what it is possible to draw a conclusion that to earn to the unknown in wide circles from music to the contractor not really.
Though I before myself never set as the purpose earnings, but it is interesting to receive for creativity money!
it is listened to 3416 times

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