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11 years, 4 months ago
The main filling of any website is a text. But it does not mean that all pages of the website have to them be completed for 100%.

In such situation it is not pleasant to user to read, eyes quickly are tired. The website overloaded with information looks very badly. About any design in this situation the speech does not go. The page to top completed with information loses in a usability much. The impression is made that it is simply heaped.
All pages of the website have to have a large print. It is simple to fill the website with information, but it is correct to issue everything that it was pleasant to user to read — much more difficult. It is very important, correct to structure information. To divide it according to sections and so on. Not to dump everything on one page. Ideally the main page of the website has to tell the user about what this website. It is not necessary to output a lot of information.
The text it has to be visible. It has to be selected against the page. To be readable. Around the text there has to be a space helping perception read. The special attention needs to be paid to height of lines or a line spacing. They should not merge. The lines to each other are closer, the more slowly we read and quicker we are tired.
Text color has to be added not only to design of the page, but also to be rather contrast, for convenience of perception. By the way the black text on a white background is not obligatory. An optimal variant #333 for the text and #fff for a background.
The text on pages of the website has to be a design element. It has to be read easily. The opinion on the website at the user develops not only on the basis of design, it and text filling. Respectively information on the website has to make on the user impression not smaller, than design of this website. It has to be unique. Now you will surprise nobody with just black text on a white background.
The space around the text has to locate to his correct perception. You should not stretch it on all width of the page, it is not the book. On the right and at the left there has to be a little space. And naturally any horizontal scroll bar.
The text has to be original. Respectively the designer's task, when developing the website, not only registration, but also maintenance. The website with unusual contents – this find. Therefore work of the designer is in knowing what the user wants from the website, to give it it.
Information on the website has to be integrated by the general subject. What the user would visit the website devoted to design and found articles only on this subject there, but not on seo. Of course not all subjects are popular. But if to write original texts, to offer users new information, it will be additional plus for the website.
It is time to forget that the designer is only a design. The designer who is not able to write beautiful texts – the bad designer. Website content – here an indicator of his skills of creation of the projects meeting the modern requirements of users. Output: a basis of modern design – contents, but not the page.

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