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11 years, 5 months ago
First it is IMHO!

+ in total at once in $, that is at once it is visible how many brings the website
+ abrupt car mode
+ money can be withdrawn at any time at accumulation on the account of $10
— sometimes system in Down
— does not support Cyrillics in URL, it was necessary to interfere with a code of system
It from the webmaster, but not the advertiser! Personally I recommend it.

+ huge number of participants
+ pages are quickly filled with links
+ supports Cyrillics in URL
— the advertiser to be devilishly inconvenient since very long the websites put links to the project
— are used by KSAPY, but not BAKSY, very inconveniently
— to display ksapa with an exchange them at first in dollars very inconveniently and long
— once ordered an output, 3 I wait for week!
It from the advertiser and the webmaster.

I work with both systems near 2kh months, in SAPE earned more than $600, and in XAP of 40 000 ksap, but did not bring them, I use for purchase of links on the websites of system …

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