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As device Z-Wave become

2 years, 10 months ago
In this article we will tell how Z-Wave devices are created. From the point of view of circuit engineering and programming development of Z-Wave of the device not strongly differs from development of the device based on Arduino, AVR or PIC. However there are in Z-Wave nuances. About them the speech under a cat will also go.

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Blog of the Z-Wave.Me company

2 years, 10 months ago
Hi Giktayms! This post we open the blog of the Z-Wave.Me company!

Here we will tell about innovations of the world of Z-Wave, about our own developments, to publish experience of installation and setup of the smart house, and also a set of useful information on a subject.

In this first post we will tell who we are such and why we here. Welcome under kat also do not forget to subscribe!

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HomeKit for Z-Wave, Raspberry GPIO and devices with HTTP API by means of the RaZberry controller

3 years, 7 months ago

The subject of the Internet of things is very most popular now. Every day there are new interesting devices capable to communicate with each other on the Internet. While different vendors agree about the general protocol of communication, Apple decided to take affairs in hand and let out Framework HomeKit standardizing methods of device management of different vendors. In the long term by means of mobile application of HomeKit it will be possible to manage different bulbs, thermostats, socket modules on wifi or bluetooth. But all this in the near future though is not present, a postoyta …
You can work more than from 1000 HomeKit with devices already now or create the HomeKit compatible devices!!!

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RaZberry — the smart house based on Z-Wave and Raspberry Pi

5 years, 7 months ago
Raspberri Pi with RaZberry extention boardMany try to collect "The smart house" by the hands. At the choice of system it should be taken into account not only the range and cost of end devices, but also possibilities of the controller. The majority of controllers are ready to work "from a box at once", but represent limited opportunities. However quite often flexibility and a possibility of easy integration is fundamental criterion at the choice.

And here, there was a long-awaited "cube of Lego" for systems of automation based on the Z-Wave technology which possesses desirable flexibility and at the same time big functionality and low price.

The expansion card RaZberry for Raspberry Pi, turns the most popular and cheap minicomputer into Z-Wave the controller of house automation.

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It is a little about the Z-Wave technology

5 years, 10 months ago
It would be desirable to cover a few interiors of the Z-Wave protocol in this article. Considering that the owner of the protocol the Sigma Designs company (which absorbed Zensys) asks to sign NDA before disclosure of features of implementation, and the part shows nobody at all, detailed data and a network not to find. I am not going to tell here too much not to break the signed NDA. I hope, and this information will be useful and will move somebody to be engaged in development of own pieces of iron on this protocol. So, we will begin!

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