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As events of Apple after an output of new devices behave

4 years ago
After a quantity of financial quarters with predictable results, the Apple company surprised with the indicators of sales which for 3,74% exceeded expected according to the forecast [original article is published in the 2nd quarter 2014 – a comment perev.]. It can seem not such important, but since the company in the first quarter entered last year a new technique of forecasting, the declared revenue of the company approximately for 1% exceeded earlier set limit.

It makes striking contrast with values of indicators of previous years. The diagram which shows "error" in the forecast in the form of a percentage difference between the declared sales and predicted is included below. [1]


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So, before the last quarter we mistakenly believed that the forecast with almost ideal accuracy defines the future of the company. As I already wrote to Twitter, because of it drawing up forecasts for Apple lost passion. Everything that it was necessary to make analytics is to take the indicators of growth of the main product allowing to reach approximate sales volume, and then to subtract operating expenses (which indicators are kindly provided by the company), and the tax rate which is (also kindly provided) to receive the profit sum. The only still unknown value in determination of profit for an event is the number of the events which remained in the address. [2]

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