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IBM Watson: Show me the account in social networks, and I will tell you who you are

1 year, 11 months ago

Example of the analysis of the personality from IBM Watson

The cognitive IBM Watson system the other day studied the identity of the journalist of the NPR edition Aarti Shakhani (at its personal request). For the analysis accounts of the journalist in Facebook and Twitter, and also such resource as Personality Insights API were used. According to Aarti, results turned out very exact.

At first the journalist did not even want to publish the acquired information, but then nevertheless made up the mind to this step. So, Shakhani published an example of results of the computer analysis of her personality in the form of the chart where the main features of character of the person are specified.

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IBM планирует использовать IoT для борьбы с загрязнением воздуха в Йоханнесбурге

1 year, 12 months ago

Корпорация IBM совместно с властями Йоханнесбурга и Советом по научным и промышленным исследованиям планирует использовать современные технологии для борьбы с загрязнением атмосферного воздуха в этом городе. Сам Йоханнесбург является экономическим центром Южной Африки, генерируя до 17% ВВП страны. Изначально город был заложен в качестве населенного пункта для работников промышленности — в основном, шахтеров.

С течением времени ситуация изменилась, город стал расти. Сейчас население Йоханнесбурга увеличилось до 4,5 миллионов человек. Контроль за загрязнением окружающей среды здесь ведется, но используемые сейчас системы мониторинга нельзя назвать эффективными, поэтому состояние окружающей среды далеко от идеала. Более того, в воздухе столицы довольно высокое содержание очень мелких частиц, которые чрезвычайно опасны для здоровья человека. Поэтому IBM планирует помочь городу решить эту проблему.

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The cognitive IBM Sequoia system will help to predict time and the place of a volcanic eruption or earthquake

2 years ago

The IBM corporation declared creation of computer model of the movement of lithospheric plates of Earth counted by means of the cognitive IBM Sequoia system. This model can be used for forecasts of eruption of volcanoes and earthquakes therefore with high confidence figure it will be possible to learn about the place and time of emergence of the natural phenomenon. The model was developed by group of scientists, including specialists of IBM, representatives of University of Texas and California Institute of Technology.

The representative of the Snipe research group IBM, Costas, reported that scientists well understand how lithospheric plates move. But the knowledge of what occurs under a surface is limited. "We know much more about what occurs in space, than what occurs under a planet surface. And it is one of basic reasons of complexity of creation of forecast model of natural disasters, including earthquakes, volcanoes and a tsunami".

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IBM Watson helps to decide on a gift for holidays

2 years ago

The IBM corporation released the new IBM Watson Trend application allowing the buyer to decide on trends of a festive season and to understand as far as there can be popular those or other goods. Now this application is already available in the directory of Apple applications. IBM Watson Trend and as service is available.

IBM Watson Trend, both the application, and service is only the client. The main work is carried out on servers of the company where thousands and thousands of sources of information on goods with the subsequent analysis and structuring the obtained data are processed. At the same time the program service of IBM shows the real situation, but not forecasts or ratings made by marketing specialists. The cognitive system "understands", how well or people treat that or other product badly, and on the basis of it issues own forecast of popularity of goods or groups of goods.

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As IBM Cloud helps the blind athlete to run marathon distances

2 years, 1 month ago

The Runkeeper platform uses possibilities of IBM Cloud for data analysis of an environment of the runner, data of its organism and large number of other information for the purpose of improvement of quality of trainings. The platform receives every second about 120 thousand requests from users. At the same time it can be used not only to support itself in a good form. Runkeeper is capable to help to be guided to people with problems of sight in space.

Today's history — about the long-distance runner by the name of Simon Vitkroft (Simon Wheatcroft) who uses the Runkeeper application and the help of the cognitive IBM system in order that without problems to train and break records.

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IBM will help China to fight against air pollution

2 years, 2 months ago

Specialists of IBM corporation work on creation of system which will be able to predict air pollution level in the different districts of Beijing. At the same time the forecast, according to the plan, will cover a time span at 72 o'clock.

The capital of China, as well as many other cities of this country, is surrounded with any industrial enterprises, many of which use coal and oil. As a result the huge amount of the contaminating substances because of what air pollution level in many regions of the city exceeds all admissible indicators is thrown out environment. At the same time the level of air pollution depends on a large number of factors, including activity of industrial facilities, the number of cars on roads and weather conditions.

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"Hi-tech a sunflower" from IBM converts light into heat and the electric power with efficiency of 80%

2 years, 3 months ago

At once three companies, IBM (research division from Zurich), Airlight Energy and Dsolar (Airlight subsidiary), submitted the new invention — the system transforming heat and light to electrical energy. Plus to everything, the system also heats water so it is profitable to put such "sunflower" near housing estates. The system is called HCPVT (highly efficient concentrated photovoltaic/thermal).
In construction of HCPVT highly effective photo cells which can transform the sunshine focused by reflectors (reflectors) with high temperature in focus to electricity are used. Reflectors for construction were created by the Airlight/Dsolar company, and photo cells were provided by IBM.

Technologies and elements which are used in construction are well-known. Innovation is that in HCPVT are used both a thermal method of receipt of electricity, and light (photo cells).

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IBM recommends to the companies to refuse Tor from security reasons

2 years, 3 months ago

Experts of IBM corporation conducted research on work of Tor in corporate networks. As it appeared, this anonymous network can become a headache source for information security specialists: in only five months specialists of IBM recorded more than 300 thousand attacks from Tor. The output is expected — IBM recommends to the companies to refuse use of Tor in the networks, having carried out its blocking in enterprise systems. The corresponding recommendation, in particular, contains in quarterly report IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly for 2015.

During research it became clear that over the past few years the number of attacks in the corporate networks proceeding from exit nod (output nodes) Tor considerably increased. So, researchers carried out studying of jumps of a Tor-traffic, having connected them with activity of the botnets started in so-called Dark Web. At the moment worldwide about 5000 servers supporting work of an anonymous network work. Volunteers — journalists, opponents of a copyright, fighters for the rights, hackers, normal citizens service these servers. Some servers are placed also in corporate networks of the different companies.

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IBM Watson will help to select players for virtual command

2 years, 4 months ago

Many fans of soccer know such entertainment as the virtual football manager. In one of kinds of game you make team of these players, and she receives points in case of successful game of these players offline for the these clubs. In virtual league your rivals — thousands of other managers with the unique commands.

Fenteziyny leagues on game in the American soccer are popular in the USA. And fans of this sport were very lucky: they will be able to use the help of artificial intelligence, to be exact soon — the IBM Watson computer.

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IBM Watson replaced with itself the whole information bureau in Surrey

2 years, 4 months ago

Quite recently on Geektimes information that cognitive opportunities of the cognitive IBM Watson system allow to solve one of the most important problems for settlements of many countries was published: to reduce effects of natural disasters. At this Watson defines the most vulnerable regions and objects that helps the authorities to solve effectively specified problem.

Not only global problems (effects from hurricanes), but also smaller questions, like influence of weather conditions on a road condition are solved. One more feature for the city authorities and inhabitants was now added: use of IBM Watson as the manager. The city of Surrey became the first settlement which added features for IBM Watson in the official application.

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