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As we bought the Internet. History of formation Rambler

2 years, 10 months ago
Sergey Vasilyev — one of the first owners and investors of Rambler'a — described history of creation and formation of one of the first Russian Internet companies on the page on Facebook. Since the moment of purchase of the searcher created "on a knee" by enthusiasts from Moscow region scientific research institute and finishing with sale and the subsequent output on IPO. Investments, negotiations with oligarchs, attempts of consolidation with Yandex and and many other things …
It is written in very living and interesting language, it is a pleasure to read.
With kind permission of the author, I publish a series of these posts uniform material. I hope, it will be interesting to readers.

UPD: as it was prompted in comments, the same series of posts, but with adding of illustrations it is possible to read on the VC portal


BEGINNING. FALL of the 1999th.

While I decided to purchase "the Russian Internet", and then I perceived this transaction quite so, I in general plainly did not know what is it … the Internet?!
It was the end of the 99th, there passed only a year, after a general default. All market licked wounds, re-structured debts. We already managed to earn by "the Russian Funds" something from post-default debts, but it was not huge money, and big projects and the income on the horizon it was visible not.
And we began to look around and what else occurs around, abroad? And there, over the ocean, at that moment shone at the Yahoo exchange both others absolutely unknown and unclear to us "Internet company"! We heard something about it, but what is it, "Internet companies", did not understand at all.

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The State Duma introduces a fine of 1 million rubles for searchers for non-execution of "the right to oblivion"

2 years, 10 months ago
The State Duma in the third reading adopted the law according to which the search engine can be fined one million rubles in case of refusal to delete information on request of the person. Yandex considers that the law contradicts the Constitution and is technically unrealizable.


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Livejournal under DDoS attack

5 years, 2 months ago

A few days ago problems with work of LiveJournal began, today service is unavailable practically after a lunch.

Who has what thoughts, feelings, ideas, the insider?

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As far as you have a stable work and that in this backpack?

5 years, 6 months ago
Induced to write this post me the memoirs which gushed after writing of my first article on Habrakhabr.

Life — piece unstable by determination. But many destabilizing factors grow dim in comparison with life on a back of a fiery dragon by the name of Japan.

I worked in travel agency, directing development of the CRM system and payment terminals of a booking system.
Two years of development yielded results, and on March 11 (life not without feeling of irony) the director invited me to have dinner at the Japanese small restaurant with the cozy and unostentatious atmosphere to note the birth of the new tourist project about Japan.

The lunch was tasty, thoughts of bright future overflowed heart …
But in an hour I stood in the building of municipality and, without blinking, looked at the screen of a televizon, feeling, probably, the same that was felt by Robinson Crusoe in the first day on the island.

In several minutes I understood that no tourists will exist as there will be no work in the system which is just created by own hands also.

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Rambler closes drafts of the Map, the Avia, the Photo, Dictionaries, Rambler-Plus

5 years, 9 months ago
As write:
all above-mentioned services do not keep within new strategy of Rambler. Services the Photo, Dictionaries and Rambler-Plus do not develop long ago, and the declaration of their closing — normal formality. As for Rambler-Kart, Rambler calculated that our partner will provide it in this project with sufficient competitive benefits, it did not happen. Cards will be closed step by step, we will tell Rambler about details later. Rambler-Avia it is not closed and it will be supported (Rambler is stopped active development of features of this service) and it is interested in the co-investor of this project.

There are such news.
From myself I will notice that Rambler. An avia was very convenient (and different from all similar) service of search and purchase of air tickets.

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Rambler changed

5 years, 11 months ago

If at the word Rambler you represent a typical portal of the beginning of multi-colored blocks, the 2000th with a heap, then time to break this stereotype came. Today Rambler was reversed.

The old a lot of blocks is hidden now in the black upper menu which, though reminds a solution of one search company, looks after all pleasantly.

On the main page there were only three main units: "News", "Opinions" and "Recommendations" — in them information from different sources gathers, and Rambler tries to personalize it for each user.

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≈6000 residents of Yaroslavl are disconnected from LiveJournal  by a court decision

6 years, 4 months ago
[козёл Фрэнк]To rather old readers of Habrakhabr comes it is time to remember   the legal drama mentioned by me in February, 2011: the blogger of nb_licantrop concerning whom investigative actions on the case of extremism were conducted earlier published  results of scanning  of the filed a lawsuit statement of the prosecutor in the blog. In the statement it was easy to see then that the prosecutor considered this blogger as the LiveJournal administrator and asked to recognize all the extremist diary, and  to send a judgment to the Ministry of Justice — obviously to fill up with domain name of "" the local "List of extremist materials".

Then the court did not make a decision on blocking of one of the largest blog hosting sites ( that is the first on number blogozapisy in days if to judge according to the statistics yandeksovy search in blogs and  not to consider microblogs of Twitter and Mail.Ru) — and many sighed freely.

Passed a poltor of year — and history repeated;  this time , unfortunately, with another, with opposite result (and  for certain with other blogger yes other prosecutor — but not it is important).

"AIF-Yaroslavl" reports on the website according to local TV channel that yesterday  (on July 17, 2012) users of one of the Yaroslavl providers (total number of ≈6000 people) could not open the website LiveJournal. It turned out that one of pages in one of the blogs LiveJournal was recognized extremist, and the court decided to close access to LiveJournal in general, having blocked to the IP address — and the provider was forced to obey the requirement of prosecutor's office supported with a judgment.

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Mail.Ru and Rambler covered a possibility of registration of new users with the Cyrillic logins

6 years, 6 months ago

Evening Friday

In this topic I will not try to answer the question "Why the Cyrillic Logins Are Necessary?", and only I want to draw attention of a habraobshchestvennost to the fact of the international discrimination created by the artificial largest companies mailers, such as Google and Yandex. Looking at them, other Russian mailers, such as, and Rambler also decided to support their aspiration to strangle - on a root support of national alphabets in postal addresses.

I repent: I, itself, personally, also, involuntarily, made some contribution to process of "suppression" of national logins, having precipitately written to supports of these mailers, letters with the rationalization proposal, about carrying out automatic converting of the Cyrillic addresses in the web interface of their mail, and also described possible (inevitable) problems of mass distribution (epidemic) of the threats of information security connected with it, and methods of effective protection against a phishing of national-addresses.

But, they instead of beginning to make and update more or less adequate faded - the leaf containing

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Advertizing in mobile version of LJ

6 years, 9 months ago

Long ago thought of it to write. And here, after the next accidental transition to the website Lumia 800, I decided!

Since January 1 in mobile version of livejournal which I mainly read from the Galaxy Ace extremely regularly (on my supervision on a week with a week break) the approaching advertizing of this brick of a wonderful leader from nokia began to appear. Advertizing is so severe that is closed from the first only from the tenth attempt. It is so relentless that so far it will not crawl over a half of the screen up to the end, to close it it is useless and it is impossible.

Well, so already on - trifles, annoying advertizing of some jeep on among the text began to appear (a screenshot I cannot provide yet).

It is treated both only by shutdown of javascript in all browser.

By the way, it becomes clear that I am not lonely:

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LiveJournal news: the karma will be entered, the design is updated, dolboeb will return

6 years, 11 months ago
Yesterday on Ленте.Ru there was a story about what news expect LiveJournal.

First, the design will be updated. In the blog at Artemy Lebedev sketches of new design are laid out, and everyone can evaluate this step towards increase of operational suitability (that is a usability).

Secondly, the rating of bloggers will be succeeded by the "social capital". Someone hurried to call new value "karma", but this name  , at least, approximately because this is not about  summing up vote of users about users, as on Habrakhabr or, for example, on КстатиДа.Ru.

Thirdly, the author of the blog which in the past ужé occupied different more or less senior positions in "Soup" became the media director of SUP Media. Ilya Dronov became the head of LiveJournal. It is declared intentions to change as server part of LJ (  including to move part of servers from the USA to Europe), and client (  including more widely to implement AJAX). The chitalnik for Android and system of the automatic recommendation of the blogs which were pleasant to the blogger's friends is promised.

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