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PINE A64: the universal 64-bit mini-PC with Kickstarter

2 years, 11 months ago

On Kickstarter the most interesting project — the single-board mini-PC PINE A64 appeared a few weeks ago. His developers consider that this single board computer can be used in the most different spheres, including telecommunications, electronics, educational projects, entertainments.

Despite the small sizes, this quite powerful device, for the class, of course. The quad-core 64-bit ARM A53 processor with a frequency of work of a kernel of 1,2 GHz forms a basis. GPU — MALI-400 MP2 (2 kernels, 500 MHz). Performance of a graphic subsystem is slightly higher, than at original X-Box.

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System - on - the MediaTek Helio P10 chip

3 years, 1 month ago
After the MediaTek company provided the top product — Helio X20 which became the first mobile system - on - the chip with ten computing kernels in three clusters, in June of the current year one more model of the mobile processor — Helio P10 was announced. It is high-performance system - on - the chip of middle class, intended for very popular segment of smartphones with characteristics above averages.

The segment of the market at which the Helio P10 chip is aimed is much more mass, in comparison with big-budget solutions for which Helio X20 was designed. If a series X is top for the MediaTek company, and the maximum of performance and functionality corresponding to an upper price segment, then a series P — also rather productive, but optimized for minimization of a form factor and low consumption of energy that allows to release thin smartphones with the capacious battery and good indicators of functionality and performance provides.

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The first optical chip of a non-volatile memory with steady operating characteristics is created

3 years, 2 months ago
We welcome our readers on pages of the blog iCover! Today we want to talk about the first completely optical chip of a non-volatile memory — joint development of scientists from Institute of technology of Karlsruhe, universities of Muenster, Oxford and Exeter.

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Powerful system - on - the MediaTek Helio X20 chip. Ten computing kernels in three clusters

3 years, 3 months ago
Requirements to modern smartphones of the high level — to leaders of lines of different vendors, it is possible to describe quite simply. From similar top models not only use of system - on - the chip (system-on-chip, SoC), providing highest performance and the advanced multimedia opportunities including support of cameras of high resolution and quality, but also the capacious battery and high energy efficiency sufficient in order that the smartphone could work without recharge in an active mode of use at least one day is required.

image Smartphones with such properties are leaders of many companies, among them it is possible to select such bright representatives as Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, LG G4 and others. But the further growth of capacity of rechargeable batteries is contained in smartphones even at permanent increase in screens of top models. In spite of the fact that equipment of expensive smartphones displays is more increasing than the size is a recognized market trend (the average size of the screen in top models in 2010-2011 was less than 4 inches, in 2012-2014 it grew to 5 inches, and in 2015 makes already 5 inches and even more), the capacity of batteries is limited generally to desire of vendors to make smartphones the thinnest.

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Computer cooling system

3 years, 5 months ago

The next system of water cooling was developed for the IT equipment at University Alabama in Huntsville, the USA. On result carried out tests of new installation, the research group published materials as which affirms that their patented cooling system if to apply it in scales of the USA, can rescue billions of dollars to owners of DPC. Such scale of digits is generated by those huge costs of the electric power going for cooling of network equipment which exist in small and the more so large data-centers now.

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AMD for Computex 2015: APU of the sixth generation are ready to encourage portable notebooks

3 years, 6 months ago
Right now on Taiwan there takes place one of the main IT exhibitions of the planet, and for the computer industry – at all most important. It is called Computex, and its emergence is dated 1981. Gradually from an exhibition of achievements of the Taiwan economy it turned into the international platform and though recently the role of Taiwan and big China amplified again, most of vendors of the PC, components and network equipment deploy stands and do announcements of new products. Here and the day before yesterday, when in Moscow only just began to dawn, in the center of Taipei, near the well-known tower of Taipei 101 with a height of 509 meter, AMD told about the sixth generation of APU A-series with the code name Carrizo. Keeping within TDP of 15 Watts, they significantly exceed predecessors both on performance, and on operating time of ready systems.

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Computers based on Elbrus-4S processors became available to purchase by legal entities

3 years, 7 months ago
Came true, misters: On April 23, 2015 ZAO "MTsST" and PAO "INEUM of I. S. Brook" reported that they fill up the product range with new models of computer systems: the Elbrus-401 automated workplace personal computer and the Elbrus-4.4 server and that on prototypes of these systems booking by e-mail and phone is open. Contacts can be learned on the official site of ZAO "MTsST", but orders are taken only from legal entities.

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A story about how I did the printed circuit board for the first time

3 years, 9 months ago
Hi everyone!
My name is Sergey.

Today I want to show one of methods of forming of a layer

At once I will tell that a method not really new, but I did not see implementation. Also, I want to ask several questions about putting photoresist, etching. I will emphasize questions.

In general, I am engaged in 3D printers, but one more use of mechanics of the printer, namely development came to mind.
By means of development I create the line consisting of points. I move this line along an axis and, changing, an arrangement of points, I draw the picture.

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The CrossMount technology, the Cloud SandBox service and other news of MediaTek on MWC 2015

3 years, 9 months ago
MediaTek continues to hold on MWC 2015 presentations of new developments and services. In this mini-digest it will be a question of four news from the Taiwan chipmaker: two initiatives of MediaTek Labs, the MediaTek MT3188 chip with support of all standards of wireless recharge, and also technology of consolidation of program and hardware resources of different CrossMount devices.

At once several newsmakers concern MediaTek Labs tekhnoinkubator. Within an initiative the Partner Connect project is announced, it transfers the former words MediaTek about support of participants of "laboratory" by partners of the company to quite specific form. The Taiwan chipmaker will render assistance to developers of devices in the field of wearable electronics and "the Internet of things" in cooperation with the necessary organizations among the network of partners. Collaboration will be expressed in councils for development, selection of modules and the help in a mass production of models.

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Tablet chipset on the most productive architecture: MediaTek MT8173 is provided

3 years, 9 months ago
And again hello :) MediaTek provided in Barcelona on MWC 2015 the first chipset for tablets based on the most productive at the moment architecture of ARM Cortex-A72. In a chipset of MediaTek MT8173 the processor with 64-bit kernels – two ARM Cortex-A72 and couple of ARM Cortex-A53 is installed. All four kernels can work at the same time at the maximum frequency to 2,4 GHz. According to MediaTek, the new chipset exceeds MediaTek MT8125 which is let out in 2013 on performance six times.

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