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Gathering electronic ink

2 years, 10 months ago
Today — 4 years since I got acquainted with screens on the basis of electronic ink.

As it appeared, "the tsar not this".

Anyway, but accurately four years of NOOK Simple Touch (NST) serve me faithfully as the eReader. And exactly as much there is my interest not only to read with E Ink of screens, but also to print on them.

Text typing using E Ink of displays: problem status

It is possible to select three methods to adapt E Ink the display to text typing:

  1. to type the text into the computer and to bring the image to external E Ink the monitor,
  2. to type the text on mobile E Ink the device
    • by means of the screen keyboard,
    • by means of the external keyboard connected through
      • USB OTG (on the example of NST, Onyx),
      • Bluetooth (on the example of Onyx),
      • WiFi the client with the server started on the computer (on the example of NST),
  3. to type the text into the computer, and to bring the image to mobile E Ink the device through VNC.

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Solution of problems: System of heating of hands

2 years, 10 months ago
It is transfer of an amusing note of Alex Papadimoulis, the founder of "The Daily WTF".

During development of the good software, we always are under pressure from several fronts at once.
First, danger is constituted by beginners who somehow could receive the first place of work, having read "Programming for teapots" the day before, before interview.
Secondly, we are threatened by the beginning careerists who could settle successfully after end of the first contract (read: received money, and the client did not condemn them for development of a useless product). Sometimes they even manage to construct career, having managed to repeat this way several times.
And at last, to eat "Uslozhniteli", or "Megareshateli" (to find successful gromkozvuchny transfer of the word "Complicators", it was not possible therefore — "Megareshateli". — a comment of the translator), one more party which entices the best of us to join them, even only on one or two micro projects.

There are people who so deeply wallowed in solutions of Mega-problems that they as if purchased a certain sixth sense: capability to find Mega-problems ("a solution which creates one more problem in the course of a solution of a real problem") in any place.

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Ultraviolet and polymer: one more method of use of Bondik glue in life (+ video)

2 years, 10 months ago

Without glue to the handy person in life in any way. After blow the body of favourite phone will burst, the decorative element will fall off furniture … And if in a family there are small children, then broken-down toys most often are under repair glue!

But glues all different also yield different results. I always liked epoxy glue, holds is dead. But it has two shortcomings: it needs to be parted and it long dries. And if it long dries, then to stick together difficult figures not always it turns out, it is difficult to record them until until glue grabs. And to hold adherend parts with hands 3-4 hours that still pleasure. I paid attention to glue at once Bondik when saw it.

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As I in 2015 populyarizovyvat astronautics

2 years, 10 months ago

One of my first memoirs — in three years I sincerely rejoice that there comes such remarkable 1989. Now New Year turned into a guillotine which cuts off the last days of year and maliciously grins "Was not in time!" Well, you want, you do not want, it is necessary to report for 2015. Perhaps, it will be useful for somebody.

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Where to descend to the geek at the weekend and holidays in Moscow?

2 years, 10 months ago
Ideal time for drawing up the list of such places is always pleasant to find in Moscow the novel cool place, days off and holidays. Here mine of top tens places, can someone will improve the list in comments:

1. Robofir-tree

If for holidays you need to descend with children somewhere, then the choice is obvious — Roboyolka in hawkers. A DIY performance in which actors and children do turning gray suits from cardboard boxes and foam rubber, and then see a performance about the kingdom of robots where the queen-mother is affected by a virus (as I understood) and she machinates to the princess, as a result that is dumped where it is found by command of robots of suspiciously reminding turtles of the ninjia. It is necessary to see this moment when the whole hall of children shouts "Reboot it", "invert the USB stick" or "do not click on this banner". You feel very old and again to young people at the same time, strange but pleasant feeling. At the end all appears well, all are rescued by a family backup. Well and unexpected appearance of Father Frost, but I did not tell it to you.

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Betmobil the hands

2 years, 10 months ago

That Betmobil turned out as close as possible to the original, we created a car 3D model, spread out its parts with a step to 20 cm, printed curves and cut the skeleton repeating machine circuits from the movie "Batman" of Tim Burton.

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DIY powder for the dishwasher: we sort industrial means and we improve the recipe

2 years, 10 months ago

Attention! In the recipe with bleach danger of corrosion of metal was found! It is not recommended in standard application!

In the last publication we created cheap powder for the dishwasher from acorns and matches of the calcinated soda and laundry detergent. In this I will tell about how it is possible to improve it by means of oxygen bleach and where it is possible to purchase components for more advanced version. Let's place emphasis on efficiency of washing, but even at the same time the price will not go beyond 100 rubles/kilogram. And still there will be a recipe of a conditioner with cost value around 1 ruble for liter. As fairly noticed amarao, occupation not for all and it is simpler to much to use ready tablets. But in similar experiments with household chemicals there is something from the childhood, the first experiments on mixing of soda with vinegar and aerated water with mint candies. So the notable economy here after all is secondary. Let's have a good time) If laziness to read someone all text — at the end of a post there will be detailed recipes with recommendations.

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The best house gadget after washing and the dishwasher – iClebo Arte Carbon

2 years, 10 months ago
The other day we told about the robot the vacuum cleaner for $100 and in comments asked to tell about more expensive solution in the market so we prepared material about the most popular in Russia (according to the version ya.markt) the iClebo Arte robot vacuum cleaner.

iClebo Arte Carbon

One my acquaintance, constructed a cottage in Karelia and reflected — how to keep 300 square meters of the area clean. And once in conversation with it on this subject, I suggested it to look towards robots vacuum cleaners. But he for some reason considered that it is a whim. In couple of days in the new house where except it and the wife lives also two children which actively studies and litters space, it agreed. And we began to study the market of robots vacuum cleaners and found worthy option.

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"Why to pay more?" or layfkhak on creation of a hemisphere for GoPro

2 years, 11 months ago
All hi. Today in a heading "kolkhozy" we learn houses how to take such wonderful picture by means of Gopro. I think for the first time when each of us saw such photos on the Internet, at once wanted to themselves GoPro!

However we collected money, purchased the camera, went to bathe, but did not achieve such photos. "Again the marketing mix probably, and in general is not GoPro" — we thought. However if to understand in this case, then everything is quite simple.

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Which of the famous musicians poorly understands the theory of music

2 years, 11 months ago

Cortney Keykbin (Courtney Kakebeen): To answer this question, it is necessary to understand that "the great musician" means. Great often call Beatles. Undoubtedly, they were excellent authors of songs. Also they were very good musicians.

Whether there were they great? It is a controversial issue. It is necessary to consider several factors at once: to improvise a variety of styles, mastery, capability and creative approach to game in general.

There are musicians who reached such level without proper knowledge of the theory of music. My favourite example – Art Tatum. He was a blind person (could not read) and learned to play a piano itself until began to attend school for visually impaired where he began to study music.

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