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Gingva (language for interplanetary communication between proteinaceous humanoids). Part 2, training practical work

2 years, 8 months ago

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As I invented a gingva

2 years, 9 months ago

It is similar to much of those who read these lines, I earn additionally freelance. From time to time it is necessary to solve non-standard problems of which I want to tell about one in this post.

Basic data the are as follows: command under control of the customer writes browser space strategy. I am involved in quality of the screenwriter: I compose dialogs, I develop local plots, I edit technical specifications. I receive the next task: to think up language in which galactic inhabitants, something like all-space Esperanto will communicate.

Probably, it was necessary to refuse, having explained, how much is similar work and in what terms it can be executed then the desire to decorate strategy with all-galactic language would disappear by itself. But I that is called lit up. There was a wish to test himself, to check and whether really I am able so much how many I declare before employers, or there is accurately limited limit of intellectual opportunities.

A story about what problems I solved in attempt to invent a gingva (galactic lingvo), is under a cat.

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The first language defines linguistic capabilities of the person

2 years, 9 months ago
If till three years you spoke on Chinese, and then moved to France and began to communicate only in French, then you could forget the first language. But not your brain. Researchers from the Montreal neurologic institute at McGill's university found out that work of the neurons in a brain involved at speech processing depends on the very first language which was learned by the child. About influence of Russian and other languages of visual information not yet.

On this image the area which is used French-speaking at speech processing is shown by green color. Children who communicate on Chinese and French involve the areas illuminated by red. Activity of children who left China till three years and since then did not use a mother tongue, it is noted blue.


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How to teach the polyglot to a modern language?

2 years, 9 months ago

Interview with Dmitry Petrov

Interview with the famous psycholinguist, the polyglot, the simultaneous interpreter, TV and the radio host, the founder of unique system of learning of foreign languages, the President of the Center of Innovation and Communicative Linguistics, the teacher from capital letter and the excellent interlocutor. Dmitry Yuryevich taught me to a basic level of 4 foreign languages, and I tried to slightly open before it a door to the fascinating world of programming. At the end of article a special gift for City Elections Commissions and magl →.

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World distribution of languages

2 years, 10 months ago
The most curious infographics of the South China Morning Post edition showing not only the current situation in distribution of world languages, but also the factors influencing their future. Especially interesting to look at it if to mean that language in the modern world = dissemination of culture. I.e. the speech, finally, about world cultural diversity, its future and the place of different cultures in this future.

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Political NationStates simulator

2 years, 10 months ago

(The note about a hub "Science fiction". Usually we associate with science fiction any fantastic engineering devices, like teleporters and starprobe vehicles. However, the society organization can be science-fiction because political science, the sociology and economy are science too, and society is the same artifact, as well as objects it made. On this logic Orwell's story "1984" is a sample of science fiction.)

You consider that policy it is very boring? If so, then I can advise you the simulator of policy which is capable to awaken interest in policy even in the citizens who are in a political lethargy. It is little-known game in the RuNet therefore I decided to write the overview. NationStates will show you that policy it is very interesting!


To avoid excess offenses I directly from a threshold write about shortcomings. NationStates does not suit you if …

  • You insufficiently well know English or you do not have enough patience constantly to use the dictionary. There is no transfer into other languages and is not planned because too large volume of the text should be translated. However, if you English is learned, then it can turn back benefit, you will be able to fill up the lexicon during game and communication at a forum.
  • You want to have an opportunity to win and lose. It is impossible neither to lose in game, nor to win. Even your most idiotic actions will not drive the country into a coffin. Loss of the country as a result of military defeat does not threaten you too. Though statistical information on your country will show that life in your country not sugar.
  • You want game which requires a lot of free time. NationStates most of all will suit busy persons who cannot be cut for hours in WoW.
  • You want a lot of beautiful graphics, and in 3D. NationStates does not shine with beautiful graphics, and 3D is not present also in mention.
  • You like games with a rich plot. NationStates has no plot. Absolutely.
  • If you are too serious and expect hyper realness. In NationStates the humour (though it is not too frequent) and to completely realistic political NationStates simulator as to stars often meets.

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C.G.P.Grey rollers — in Russian (part 2)

2 years, 10 months ago
With your permission, I will continue (in addition to the first portion) the publication of transfers to C.G.P.Grey rollers.

I do not cease to be surprised how in several minutes it is possible it is compressed and to figuratively transfer the finished information moreover it is popular and interesting to many. Nevertheless here that "the good teacher" means!

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Teaching in the field of software development: what can learn in one month

2 years, 11 months ago
Contrary to a popular belief in isolation and unsociability of programmers, it is quite obvious that interaction with people and exchange of experience – an integral part of our profession. Constantly to learn something new and to be improved in the business, we are simply obliged to go down stream together: creating regional communities, participating in conferences, making reports and master classes before each other. The advantage for participants (listeners) of similar actions is rather clear to us. And what it can be useful to appear as the organizer or the teacher?

In this publication we will put emphasis on the last option: let's consider what experience can be got, having tried to teach and what it can be useful to us for in principle. At once It should be noted that one-time performance, for example with a master class, considerably differs on complexity, required level of preparation and responsibility from carrying out a full-fledged course of studies therefore in material the second will be considered only especially.

Publication purpose: to share the experience got by the author as a result of work as the teacher; to tell about the main aspects and "reefs" of teaching activity.

Estimated audience: young programmers and developers who like to study and want to try to teach others.

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Children's programming on Scratch in 2015

3 years ago
At last!
This year left the whole two books about the children's Scratch programming language.

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Chekhov is living! The story about new counters in Google Translator

3 years, 1 month ago
Hi, GT! All of you know that we in Google like to note memorials. Thematic dudla on the main page of search turned into the small works HTML-5 of art long ago. Cultural phenomena, national holidays, scientific achievements and other occasions to please users or to tell about any event, firmly took roots in search of Google, and now come also to other products.

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