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University of Kaspersky 2020 — the application for increase of level of information security of users of a social network of VKontakte

2 years, 10 months ago
In article operation of application University of Kaspersky 2020 for a social network of VKontakte is considered: target audience, features of work, the considered subjects.

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Comparison of compilers for development on microcontrollers with ARM Cortex-M kernel

2 years, 10 months ago

In this article we will test 3 the compiler for Kinetis microcontrollers with ARM Cortex-M4 kernel.
Let's start the tests CoreMark, Whetstone, Dhrystone.
We investigate shrinking algorithms with the minimum consumption of OZU and we will find out as different compilers influence their high-speed performance.
And we will even try to learn as far as Kinetis on high-speed performance lags behind Intel Core I7.

The previous articles about development on Kinetis microcontrollers:

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The open project of the client of MQTT on Delphi. Continuation

2 years, 10 months ago

The beginning was here: The MQTT protocol and the open project of the client of MQTT on Delphi

The project of the client of MQTT on Delphi was added with the instrument board for supervision over an information stream from the Internet of things in real time and the generator of periodic publications for testing of MQTT brokers. The JSON format for information transfer as it is the standard for Internet services was accepted.
And also we will look what can offer us IBM Bluemix for the organization of remote supervision and management of things on the Internet.

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New Year's tricks from the Arduino Mega Server project

2 years, 10 months ago

Development of the Arduino Mega Server project is well under way and in the course of work there are unexpected obstacles which should be overcome heroically. I will tell you about some of them today and, perhaps, it will save to you a little your time and nerves.

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Exhibition of achievements of "Internet of things". Innolabs VIS CAST and Kraftway Smart Video Camera

2 years, 10 months ago

Photo: Yulia Lunina
All 2015 the subject of "The Internet of things" did not descend from pages of the blog Intel on GeekTimes — actually, it became the main here. As the technology is rather new, posts on IoT generally were training. However it is not necessary to refer IoT to category "eternally perspective" — and it was proved once again by the Intel company, having carried out in the middle of December review of devices which are ready to become components of "The Internet of things" already now.
Several domestic developers took part in action. We already wrote about some of them, say, to the device for monitoring of health from "FRUKT MD" the whole post was devoted. This time we will tell about two more interesting, in our opinion, projects: to system of wireless broadcast of a voice of VIS CAST and "smart" video camera of Kraftway Smart Video Camera.

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#новогоднийад: The best devices for the smart house

2 years, 10 months ago
One of "hot topics" is "smart houses" and any automation today. We select many years products for our category "smart house", and this year found several interesting projects too.
Soon new year, is also a high time to select a gift which will stand not just on the shelf, and will improve life and convenience. So, we begin.

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Fir-tree burn! We take the smartphone, the mobile Internet and … we include "fir-tree" at the dacha

2 years, 11 months ago

It will be a question of how to manage electric devices via the Internet. The task is rather simple if there are a good, wire Internet and, especially, static IP address. But when an Internet access is possible only via the GSM modem, for example, at the dacha, the choice of solutions is not so big … but is! Now to worldwide network it is connected users more, than inhabitants of Earth. Full Internet users are different devices for a long time and many of them communicate among themselves, using the popular MQTT protocol, more than once here described. At the Master Keith there are several devices which also use the MQTT protocol and a free cloud server of It will be a question of their setup and application.

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Future here: 3D printing in architecture and construction

2 years, 11 months ago
Over the past few years the 3D technologies - seals passed into that qualitatively new level which allowed to use everywhere them in architecture and construction. The number of materials with which printers can work extended, respectively, the technological polymers and alloys guaranteeing a simplicity combination in processing and high detailing were widely adopted.

According to forecasts of the researcher 3D - Terry Walters's seals by 2020 the share of ready-made products in this market will be made even to a share of prototypes. Thus, the technology proved the uniqueness and exclusive benefits confirmed by examples of practice of the leading designers and designers already now.

From the theory to practice (GSAPP, ETHZ and USC)

In certainties laboratory (N) under the auspices of architectural school GSAPP in Columbia University 3D-printers for intermediate design at all stages of implementation of construction plans of buildings and art objects are used. The ideology of local school of sciences consists in study of opportunities for total transformation of society in which the logistics and the isolated production from removed suppliers will consign to the past as it will be possible to test any subject, having printed the model, and production of a product will be made directly on site.

Mathias Koler and Fabio Gramatsio from the Higher technical school of Zurich (ETHZ) became one of the first researchers in the academic environment. Their experiments are connected with an assessment of accuracy and quality of implementation of irregular architectural shapes by means of the robotic manipulator fixed on the cargo trailer. Their installation is created by Pike Loop by means of gradual adding of the hardening material to a product.

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The MQTT protocol and the open project of the client of MQTT on Delphi

2 years, 11 months ago

The MQTT protocol is applied to message exchange on the Internet of things. It is interesting first of all that is supported by the largest providers of cloud services, such as IBM, Microsoft, Amazon.
It is possible to receive free of charge the account in these services, to configure there service of acceptance of MQTT of messages and to watch through these services life of the devices, for example, in the smart house. Also through these services of the device can communicate among themselves.

Demonstration of connection of the client to service MQTT of a cloud IBM Bluemix is applied.

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Management of multimedia of the centers by means of HTTP GET of requests

2 years, 11 months ago
In this article it would be desirable to tell about how it is possible to manage at the moment the most popular multimedia the centers — KODI (XBMC) and Dune HD, by means of HTTP GET of requests.

Here only the most most demanded requests which can be managed far off (for example will be described: within house WiFi of a network or at the corresponding settings of a router from the INTERNET network), not only by means of in advance written scripts, but also their simple input in an address bar of the browser. All requests will not be described here by me as: in — the first, many of them are used extremely seldom, and in — the second, for this purpose there is complete documentation. These requests can be used also, for management of multimedia of the centers, at creation of the systems "Smart House", than I as a matter of fact also used at the development.

There are actually those requests:

1. Start of the file on reproduction.

Links to files have to be straight lines, that is point obviously to the reproduced file or a flow, links with those Youtube are not therefore will not work. How to receive a direct reference with Youtube it is possible to look at a roller here.

  • 1.1 KODI (XBMC) — http://LOGIN:PASSWORD@ip-address:8080/jsonrpc?request= { "jsonrpc": "2.0", "id": "1", "method": "Player.Open", "params": { "item": { "file": "URL" } } }
  • 1.2 Dune HD — http://ip-address/cgi-bin/do?cmd=launch_media_url&media;_url=URL

Hereinafter in the text:

LOGIN — the login set in the KODI settings (the Web server-> to Permit management of Kodi on HTTP).
PASSWORD — the password set in the KODI settings (the Web server-> to Permit management of Kodi on HTTP).
URL — network or the Internet the address of the reproduced resource.
ip-address — the device IP address in house or INTERNET of a network.

If to configure Dune HD so that when clicking the POWER button on the panel it goes to the Standby mode, then at request for reproduction of the file it will join automatically.

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