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Gathering electronic ink

2 years, 10 months ago
Today — 4 years since I got acquainted with screens on the basis of electronic ink.

As it appeared, "the tsar not this".

Anyway, but accurately four years of NOOK Simple Touch (NST) serve me faithfully as the eReader. And exactly as much there is my interest not only to read with E Ink of screens, but also to print on them.

Text typing using E Ink of displays: problem status

It is possible to select three methods to adapt E Ink the display to text typing:

  1. to type the text into the computer and to bring the image to external E Ink the monitor,
  2. to type the text on mobile E Ink the device
    • by means of the screen keyboard,
    • by means of the external keyboard connected through
      • USB OTG (on the example of NST, Onyx),
      • Bluetooth (on the example of Onyx),
      • WiFi the client with the server started on the computer (on the example of NST),
  3. to type the text into the computer, and to bring the image to mobile E Ink the device through VNC.

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The New York public library laid out in the general access of 180000+ scans and photos

2 years, 10 months ago

On holidays there are any miracles, and today net surfers received an excellent gift: The New York library laid out more than 180000 images in the general access. It is possible to use them absolutely free of charge. Among the other laid-out treasures — scans of literary works of Arabs of the 11th century. Besides, scans of thousands of manuscripts, cards, photos, musical notations, cards and a set of other images are laid out.

Images can be ranged on a century, a genre, color or a library collection. The library also decided to create several games and software tools among which — the toy, similarity of Pac-man allowing to study typical apartments of New York of last decades.

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The Ministry of Education and Science will spend about 1 billion rubles for a subscription of the foreign scientific periodical press

2 years, 10 months ago
In 2016-2017 the Ministry of Education and Science is going to spend about 1 billion rubles for a subscription for world scientific logs, TASS writes. Such sum is specified in the tender for ensuring license access to the international databases of the scientific periodical press. The tender is placed by the ministry on a portal of government procurement, at the same time order taking comes to the end on December 23.

The maximum cost of the state contract makes 980 million rubles. 560 million rubles are selected for 2016, 420 million — for 2017.

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All-Russian lesson "Light in Our Life"

2 years, 11 months ago
On December 15, 2015 in 43 thousand schools there will pass the lesson "Light in Our Life".
The Lighting engineering log developed methodical material to a lesson in the form of PDF presentation with a resolution at 24 slides 1600×1200 points for demonstration on school projectors.

We tried to make the simple short presentation all over the world, to lighting and a svetodizayn, interesting to both school students and adults. And, perhaps, at us it turned out!

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The book "we Program Arduino: Basics of sketches"

2 years, 11 months ago
Hi everyone!

Quite recently we published the new book and at once it was necessary to print out of it. So we can please those who did not get the first circulation — there was a dopechatka. We are going to develop this subject therefore pay attention to poll at the end of a post.

imageFor the first time in Russian there is a legendary best-seller of Simon Monk which many years hold the first places in Amazon ratings. You want to create the smart house or to program the robot? There is nothing more simply. Simon Monk not only will help to deal with delays, contacts and sensors, but also will show how to force all this artful design of wires and payments to do that it is necessary for you. Arduino — it is not as difficult as it seems at first sight. You will be subdued by the opening opportunities at once.

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Big test: 8 e-books

2 years, 11 months ago
Rather wide and we will not violate the choice of readers on the basis of electronic ink the truth if we notice that in real use different eReaders can cardinally differ. One will be sympathetic, another is not present, one will have such contrast screen that it is possible to do without illumination, at another without illumination in any way. And still there can be glitches. Actually, such nuances a set and they are not always attached to passport characteristics of iron. We prepared this test for those who face the choice of the reader, but has no opportunity to independently test eReaders before purchase. And also for those who want to understand more deeply features and differences of different e-books and shell programs on the basis of Android and not Android. This test not for those who doubt that to take – the reader or the tablet – and for those who already passed this stage and were defined that wants E-Ink. So, for the test we selected eight devices from six vendors. It is Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 2015, Amazon Kindle Voyage, Digma S676, Kobo Glo HD, ONYX Boox Darwin, Pocketbook 626 Plus, Pocketbook 650 Limited Edition and Bookeen Cybook Ocean. Unfortunately, the new reader of Barnes &Noble Nook GlowLight Plus on the test was not succeeded to take, is equal and as well as readers of Gmini and Explay. But we tried to investigate eight devices which are held by us thoroughly.

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Children's programming on Scratch in 2015

3 years, 1 month ago
At last!
This year left the whole two books about the children's Scratch programming language.

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About the ideal size of the paragraph

3 years, 2 months ago

It is Magna Carta, the Great charter of liberties written in 1215. In the 11th century parchment was very expensive and therefore the document is written by small handwriting, with small interalphabetic and interlower case intervals. But despite efforts of the copyist to give to the text beauty, the Charter looks as unclear gibberish, though is written in medieval Latin. It is very difficult for us who got used to absolutely other configuration of the printing text to be fixed in general for words, the eye slides off lines. It is all about total absence of any logical crushing of the text on blocks — paragraphs.

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The interactive map shows travel of literary characters across the USA

3 years, 3 months ago

People like to travel, and some love the long road more, than all others. At the same time literary characters travel even more often than real people. The interactive map from Richard Kreytner and Stephen Melendes (Richard Kreitner, Steven Melendez) shows travel of tens of literary characters across the USA.

In total on the card of 1500 different points which are put down by authors of the project after the analysis of stories, novels and stories which heroes travel around the USA and not only.

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Displays on a flexible substrate — not panacea, they can fight too

3 years, 3 months ago

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