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Technocracy or "All Power to Programmers!". Part second. Neofeudalism today

2 years, 9 months ago
If to take all modern economy in all its manifestations, then this floor is asked on lips.

Despite modern technologies, the majority of spheres of life of economy are regulated absolutely inefficiently. At once would like to specify that I mean the conditions which developed in EU countries, the USA, Japan, Australia. In other countries the situation is even more sad.

Simply several examples.

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Technocracy or "All Power to Programmers!". Part one, historical

2 years, 9 months ago
In this article I will express the personal opinion, without presenting it in the form of the ultimate truth. The facts which, in my opinion, can demonstrate that such political system displayed so far in the theory or it is rather an a stage of development of humanity as a technocracy will be given in article, there can be a reality in one or several states of the world soon.

What is a technocracy? The technocracy is society in which power belongs to scientific and technical specialists. Workers of IT – programmers, system administrators and an izha can become such specialists who will be able to take the power in hand in the near future in my personal opinion.
But there is still a little history.

All of us remember different stages of development of human society from school.
1. Primitive-communal system
2. Slaveholding
3. Feudal
4. Capitalist
5. Socialist (its real existence and the probable future can be discussed infinitely).

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Mail services in Russia will oblige to deliver to SORM

2 years, 9 months ago
And the speech now not about electronic services — mailers, and about operators of a mail service. SORM should set to "Russian Post", SPSR-Express, to FedEx Russia and other domestic or foreign companies which work in the Russian Federation. After the SORM installation will begin to collect data on senders and receivers of letters and sendings, to photograph appearance of packaging and to execute other operations, write "News". If sending or the letter causes suspicion, can place it in a cell for further studying.

The corresponding instruction contains in the order of the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications "From the approval of requirements to the equipment of the automated sorting of mail providing execution set actions when carrying out operational search actions". Installation of the relevant system has to be executed by the companies within a year from the moment of the introduction of the order in force.

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Remote registration of SPD(FOP) in Ukraine — 2.0

2 years, 9 months ago
On Habré there is wonderful article which is step by step describing procedure deleted (or electronic) registration of SPD in Ukraine (for what separate thanks of astlock), but, unfortunately, it partially lost relevance, in connection with change of software at State. Registrars. Since I just underwent registration procedure, would like to share the new version of process with community. At once I want to note that I used official state services, avoiding intermediaries and offers.

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The truth about a credit rating of users in China

2 years, 10 months ago

Recently on the Internet (as in general, and in the Russian segment) rumors about "system of a credit rating" for Internet users in China circulated. The Big Brother, totalitarianism, global shadowing and other Orwell were a keynote of these articles. Let's look into it.

Summary of rumors

  • System it will be obligatory for each citizen of the People's Republic of China;
  • Becomes attached to national ID (身份证);
  • The rating is expressed wearing spectacles (from 350 to 950);
  • Tencent and Alibaba will manage system jointly;
  • It is considered both consumer capability, and political views;
  • Actions of friends lower also your rating too;
  • Publichna ratings, it is possible to look at a rating of any citizen (for example, not to communicate with dissidents or sympathizers who will lower your rating);
  • For purchases the rating raises, for computer games — goes down;
  • Different bonuses are available: it is possible to receive the visa to Singapore for 750 points;
  • … and so forth.

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Quest. How to receive the state electronic digital signature in Belarus

2 years, 10 months ago
Now many state organizations in Belarus quickly make out electronic digital signatures on the heads. Why it is urgent? Including, because 01.01.2016 there will come the date of performance of the Decree of the President of Republic of Belarus No. 157 issued on April 4, 2013 according to which all state organizations, and even all joint stock companies from shares of property of the state more than 50% till January 1, 2016 have to connect the departmental electronic systems of document flow to interdepartmental electronic document management system, so-called SMDO. Of course, for a start these electronic document management systems have to be.
Also there will come digital paradise. Paper from document flow will gradually disappear, and everything will accelerate and be automated.
But to receive this digital signature is small such quest. Here about this quest here I will write in more detail.
So, on points.

1. To define who in the organization has a right to sign.
It is clear, as put that the head has a right to sign (the director, the CEO). And here his deputies have such right by proxy, or by order of about distribution of duties. In this list there can be a chief accountant. Means, we define the group of people which will receive the EDS by poll and studying of documents.

2. Preparation of a document package for everyone receiving the EDS
Here it is necessary to begin a little with the end.
a) At first we swing a form which is the annex to the agreement on receipt of public key from the website of the Republican Certification Center (RCC). It is the list of information about the consumer.

b) We fill a form on everyone receiving the EDS.

c) We strain lawyers of the organization that issued copies of certificates on registration of the organization and the power of attorney on all, except the CEO. The form of the power of attorney cannot be changed, as if lawyers wanted, it — steel concrete.

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The next round of "fight against terrorism" or as the Ministry of Communications coveted substitution of number again

2 years, 10 months ago

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In the USA for failure to pay taxes will cancel passports

2 years, 10 months ago

In December the Congress of the USA will enter into work the new law granting the right to the government of the country to cancel the passport of the citizen who does not pay taxes to the state. According to the materials Wall Street Journal, the law will also allow officials not to allow to the state debtors to receive the new passport.

Most likely, the law will work since January. It is worth being afraid of loss of the passport to those Americans who owe the state of $50000 or more in the form of not paid taxes, including penalties and percent. According to the Joint Committee on taxation questions, this step will allow the country to save about $398 million within the next ten years.

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Internet polls "The active citizen": visibility of national support for the authorities?

2 years, 11 months ago
This week in Moscow City Council at the initiative of the CPRF there passed listenings about the state project of polls of citizens through the Internet "The active citizen". Deputies extremely negatively spoke this project and demanded it to close immediately. They promised to appeal to the prosecutor's office with the requirement to evaluate legality of work of the website.

That it is even more interesting, the similar point of view is stated not only by the CPRF, but even liberally configured expert, the editor-in-chief of the libertarian Inliberty edition on pages of the Vedomosti newspaper.

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Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev: "If you want to do much harm to the country, then you have to be put in creation of IT specialists"

3 years ago
Дмитрий Мариничев"I in principle repeatedly argued also in the Ministry of Communications concerning their idea on training of IT specialists. I is fairly opened there, and fairly openly here I speak: if you want to do much harm to the country, then you have to be put in creation of IT specialists in the territory of the Russian Federation. Because bigger harm cannot be made" — Marinichev declared, speaking at listenings "Technology development of Russia and access to a foreign market of technologies" which took place in the Civic chamber of the Russian Federation yesterday.

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