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To find something unnecessary — it is necessary to lose at first something unnecessary, and we have no time

2 years, 10 months ago
Whether you hate looking for the smartphone in the mornings, keys or a purse are even stronger, than I? Please, remember right now how you become white-hot when you get into a situation in which it is impossible to call on the iPhone from the wife as phone lost by you most likely also is discharged? You will be able to experience again right now all emotions which you experience when working off of standard requests to memory: "can in other coat", "and can in a bowl at a cat", "or in the machine forgot", "and that if in a toilet left" — do not give the slightest effect in search promotion?


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Problem with authorization in Google Calendar via refrigerators of Samsung

2 years, 11 months ago
Difficult problems arise at modern users. For example, more than a year (!) discuss a problem with authorization in the daily log of Google Calendar via refrigerators of Samsung at forums of technical support of Google. The number of messages passed for several hundred! It is not science fiction, but an ordinary technical issue.

One of owners of the RF4289HARS refrigerator complained that the daily log of Google normally worked since August, 2012, but in Google Calendar API ceased to work with last modifications.

The refrigerator began to display messages like "Please, check your e-mail address on the website of Google".

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Future here: As completely automated restaurant works

2 years, 11 months ago
In our blog on Geektimes we write about technologies of restaurant business much — systems of automation (it seems applications, search engines. In particular, we spoke about restaurants of the future and discussed a question of whether automation will lead to loss of workplaces. Answers to this question can be different, however the fact remains, this summer in the USA earned completely automated restaurant of fast and healthy food — the correspondent of the SFGate edition Sara Fritsshe visited an institution, and we present to yours adapted translation of her story.

Future already here. At least, you definitely have such impression when you come into the new hi-tech restaurant which opened on the embankment of San Francisco in August of this year. Founders of restaurant Eatsa, Scott Drammorda (Scott Drummond) and Tim Young (Tim Young) decided to change the concept of fast food by means of technologies. Only healthy vegetarian dishes on the basis of a kino with different additives are presented in the menu of new restaurant.

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The American programmers learned to create controlled three-dimensional models of persons on the basis of photos

2 years, 11 months ago

The programming team from the Washington university learned to create three-dimensional model of a human face on the basis of rather large number of its photos. These models then can be controlled completely – for example, they are capable to play automatically the mimic movements on photos and video of other people.

Researchers called the work "Why Tom Hanks looks as Tom Hanks". In the video they explain that their system creates controlled three-dimensional model of the person on the basis of a big collection of photos. The model functions by means of the textures managed by looks.

The model, for example, is capable to repeat automatically a look of the person according to one its photo. Moreover, she is capable to repeat the smallest movements of a human face on video. And that the most surprising – video of one person can be repeated with model absolutely of other person.

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Fallout Rig — the moddingovy PC in Fallout style

3 years ago

This week all progressive mankind celebrates an output of the fourth part of a cult computer game of Fallout. We decided to join a general dvizhukha and to show what moddingovy body the people who are carried away by this game can make. On KDPV — not computer graphics (though it is similar, agree), and you watch absolutely real PC, process of its creation at video under a cat.
For the same who prefers to games an extreme overkloking — the second option of creative approach to creation of the computer. The motherboard, the processor, the hard drive, memory and … two modules of cooling from room conditioners — what will turn out as a result? And whether this monster from the first will earn? The answer in the same place, under a cat.
Intel Inside, of course, is present at both cases.

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Waiting for the general infoprostranstvo

3 years ago
Let's provide for a minute: you watch the next movie, and each goods seen in the movie are not just passive product placement — now it is possible to click on it, to call or send the order. And if the ending of the movie does not arrange, and there is a wish to correct the opinion imposed by the stupid screenwriter — that it is possible to take management of characters in hand, to bring it to an alternative ending and to share to friends in a network as orks under your skillful command win against elves and gnomes "Fight of five troops".


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Eye draft of the p. 15

3 years ago

Photo: A.V. Photography

Links to the previous parts and the address to those who see publications Oka for the first time:
Eye — my personal literary project, work on which I began in May of this year. From a small sketch it developed into science-fiction work which heads I spread, in process of writing, on GT.

Previous parts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14

Regarding No. 14:
— Give to an essence — Matt with irritation told. — Who now in the Ghetto main?

— Well, it, Boss now main.

— Boss? What for the Boss? – Matt asked.

— Well, we so it call it. Well, and so klinut it the Big Boss — the man answered. – All of us so have to call it. It fills with everything in the Ghetto now.

— It is clear — Matt told. – Melly?

— Does not lie. And I know where to us to go.

— Well. You will deal with the rest? – With a hint the old commander asked.

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3 years ago

Edition of the log shared with readers information on the mysterious video recorded on the compact disk received by them with mail. According to edition, the disk came to them from Poland. Video on a disk is complete of mysterious characters and the ciphered messages in which interpretation several days users of reddit and other resources are engaged.

Riddles begin already with DVD+R of a disk on which the marker wrote a certain cipher. Dekodirovka through Base64 led it to receipt of the line "11B-X-1371". It turned out that video with such name was loaded on Youtube still on September 30 this year by the user by the name of Parker Wright.

But video contains much more riddles. On it the mysterious figure which is completely closed by a loose overall and a hood in a mask of the plague doctor and in gloves is removed. On a hand of a figure there is a LED small lamp which blinking suggests an idea of the Morse alphabet or a binary code. Besides, video is mounted with distortions and other effects, besides on its separate frames the riddles appear.

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Hockey in an eye

3 years, 1 month ago
Pleasant mood all! The cyberpunk hooliganism decided to dilute a Friday tape short and unpretentious literary. Rasskazik was written on one of network literary tenders. The used images collages are created by other participants of the same tender, their livejournals-shnye nicknames are specified in alt'ax of pictures. Neither the author, nor its work apply for belonging to high literature and serious science. The only purpose of the publication — to entertain frequenters of GT at the end of the working week.
Well, you see, Vasya at an extreme tank? Vas! Seem to the person! Well you are rumpled, seem! Well you? About got into a tank, hides. Does not love when about it is mute tell.
It you know that! It you know as in computers rummages! He yours shokoladno lived, labat some applets, aha. Well, type, programmer and. Did not turn sour received, by the way. At them all malinovo lived in office because they worked for America, those paid them in dollars, and a dollar now at affairs, itself know.
And here sent them from America a crap such, curly-headed, type points, only speaking. Or not. You with these points bazarit it, aha, and they directly in an eye show animated cartoons to you. Well or hockey. And you speak to them: "hockey in an eye!" — also you sit, you go bananas for "CSKA". Yes, you?

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Heritage of shifropanok: evolution of ideas

3 years, 1 month ago
"Our world not just slides to transnational anti-Utopia – it rushes to it at full speed … Ordinary people — because of privacy, complexity and scale, do not see these processes"

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