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iOS 7 does iPhone waterproof

5 years, 1 month ago
Hi, to the habravchena!

Remarkable news about new fishechka of iOS 7. Now your iPhone became waterproof. With new updating phone is able to define quickly changes of ambient temperature, and in case of sharp changes the smart-switch module instantly powers off phone that in our case rescues chains from short circuit.

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play rock, or comand-line of Internet radio

5 years, 1 month ago
Came across Internet radio with very interesting interface, decided to share with dear habrasoobshchestvo.
It is possible to listen here and how to use, I think will explain superfluous.

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География Хабра или «где ты, Хабровец»

5 years, 2 months ago
Нигде на хабре не нашел ответа на этот вопрос.
А он может быть интересен.
Итак, Хабровец, где ты?
Регионы разбиты по принципу Яндекс-директ. Москва и Питер вынесены отдельно, по понятным причинам — там много людей. Россия, конечно, детальнее остальных стран.
Если кто-то не может себя отнести к региону, пишите в комментах, подправлю.

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To Rutreker — 9 years!

5 years, 2 months ago
image Friends, today, on September 18 at us birthday. To us 9 years were performed.

It is rather big term for any online project, and for a torrent tracker — especially.

I want to congratulate all our users and guests, on this, though not round, but significant date.

Under a cat — several reasons on topic of the day.

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27 things which only developers will find amusing

5 years, 2 months ago

1. This mug

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What actually dreams IT specialists?

5 years, 2 months ago

I congratulate habr on the beginning of working week.
As an offtopic, from a closet, decided to create poll about our dreams. I hope, all of you have well a rest for these days off.


The other day noticed that dreams where I participate in some shooter from the first person lately dream. And here what part — for the first time in life dreamed me a part from the PC. I stand, so at a foot of some antique wreck, action happens on a far-out planet, the command opponent landing already comes (we hold some point in ruins, it is obvious). And I? I stand with the switched-off keyboard in hands and I try to switch the weapon. I press Tab. Anything.

Under a cat several polls, me would be very interesting to know the results of the answer from IT specialists.

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2 Of the Gigabyte: Special issue

5 years, 2 months ago

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Duck "in Beijing" how to go to prison for lie

5 years, 2 months ago

In China became effective the law prescribing criminal penalty up to imprisonment for distribution on the Internet of the rumors and data untrue.

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5 years, 2 months ago
Todo es mentira en este mundo — Manu Chao

The last years brought us many surprises. Everywhere is created that that unimaginable. Scandal behind scandal, revelation behind revelation, the law behind the law. The situation only becomes worse. A people at large rages. The wave of discontent came to an apolitical habr. We discuss the hated law on any blocking, kopirast of all colors. Heroes Snowden, Assange and Navalny. Dishonest intelligence agencies and total shadowing.
I long time hid, tried to keep silent, but now when dear people, idols of the childhood, such as Bruce Schneier, took part in it, I feel that the bowl is overflowed. It is time to open for people of an eye and to discuss what is really important.

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And let's them help, blocking of content and the websites

5 years, 2 months ago
I look several weeks at this sumashedstviye on the Internet and laws adopted by Dumma …
Here decided to suggest community idea. Idea rather marginal but nevertheless …
And let's them help to collect the people and it is valid what the most part the Internet of users would realize the events it is necessary that not on remains everything was closed and in large quantities and at once.

I will explain idea

All of us as the advanced Internet users know the majority of resources and alternatives where it is possible to download favourite series and movies.
Give all these references at once we will report to the Rosnadzor, let's submit links to the Internet projects of type of Karumba which has nearly 20 000 000 subscribers on different projects as it gets under "the resources bearing the evil", "corrupts children", This is Xorosho, EX.UA and others to throw off all links without analysis, to write complaints and to be Pavlikami Morozov.

Let's throw off links to e-books and bibiliotek

What school students would lift parents that not available books, and what is cost money, and those having in turn reviewed 20 websites saw a text "is blocked" and without having found the favourite series began though a little to be interested in a situation.

Until it affects globally all, our nature such is what so far I can watch from 10 websites the soap opera, I will not even sign anything.

I think there will be 2 options

1) People will begin to use VPN technologies, and from the law to sense will be a little

2) People will begin to do after all meetings and to get freedom of speech, not 100 thousand people and millions to bring up this question.

Otherwise all the rest just will not work, to sense will be 0, now will a little file the law, but in the essence it will remain.
I do not want to buy a sim card according to the passport, not I want to connect the Internet according to the passport, I do not want poppy the address attached to the passport, and for change of poppy or IMEI are afraid of term.

I think it is time to reflect and make a global problem for users that concerned all and everyone, someone reflected and someone began to move.

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