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The head is more, than we think, and the Universe is less

3 years, 11 months ago
When asked the English philosopher, the founder of agnosticism David Yum whether there is a world around, he answered: "I do not know". The fact that we take for the world for us exists only in our imagination.

Recently, one my friend asked about existence of world around too. Let's try to argue on this subject. I do not apply for the rigorous proof of existence or absence how many would like to understand, your comments only in my head at all? 

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About advantage of restrictions in the collective blog

4 years, 2 months ago
You manage the draft of the collective blog? This article for you!


At your website, widely known in (already not narrow) circles, thousands of users. The word almost offensive for the associate: we are not users, we are authors of this blog. Actually, the word "user" at you can be seen only in EULA or, maybe, in a personal account there is something it seems "date * by the invitation of the user * by user * is registered *".

Audience of the project — progressively conceiving people who are interested in X — your blog thematic. Perhaps you are not going to be limited only to the blog: the thematic websites, TV and radio channels, logs, newspapers — as this everything together is called, forgot. The project is equally interesting H-there and to journalists, and also all those for whom X — it is not simple N letters of the alphabet.

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Who are you? The freelancer, a raspisyvatel of ware "under Gzhel" or the painter?

4 years, 4 months ago

On the mountain the experienced bull-programmistishche and a young bull-calf-programmistik sit, the herd "potential" below is at the foot of a hill grazed"...... Young bull-calf:
— And let's run, we will run down!. and otprogrammy that cool problem toy!
— Nea …
— Well then … let's run, we will run down!. and otprogrammy that nice network problem!
— Nea …
— Well then … let's run, we will run, we will run down!. also we will program that ofigitelny problem of artificial intelligence!!!
— The Nea … we will slowly climb down a mountain … and otprogrammiruy all. On whom will show us the administration and for what we get paid.
(c) from mine

Let's understand who is who.

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螢火蟲 (Firefly): You cannot take the sky from me

4 years, 6 months ago
This post is devoted to series of the director 喬斯 · 溫登 (Joss Whedon) "Glowworm" of 2002 which was closed because of low ratings but as it appeared later these series became one of the most influential in the history and continues to inspire people on feats.

here some "effects" of series:
— in honor of it almost called the (MKC) module
— a t-shirt and DVD on  (ISS)
— the fan spent 14 months for assembly of the spaceship 寧靜號 from 70 000 parts
— in games from Blizzard there are links to series
— leaves 编辑 (MMORPG) soon based on
— in addition to articles on a post and on Habré / 螢火蟲 _ (電視劇)
— tai-kong suo-yo duh shing-chiou sai-jin wuh duh pee-goo

詳細信息, a photo and video under a cat

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IOS 8 beta or pursuit of innovation

4 years, 6 months ago

Already before start of IOS 8 was a heap of rumors about what there will be and what functions will enter to updating.
It is possible to find in the RuNet a lot of links where it is possible to enter UDID and, having paid a money (on average 400 rubles), having been included in the account of the developer, to deliver to IOS 8.

For the sake of a trick, I created VKontakte the message that I will make it for 50 rubles, but nobody responded (actually, well that did not respond).

Let's not speak about honesty and sense: give I just I will describe this updating which I put on the iPad Mini with Retina.

As I already have an account of the developer, in, after adoption of the new agreement, it is possible to see the IOS 8 tab.
Where it is possible to see software for development and an axis which weighs approximate 1,4 gigabytes in compressed zip archive.


All simplicity of installation is normal and not especially interesting.

The most interesting began later.

IMPORTANT: this opus is made that the version it is not necessary to use Beta as user on below to the described reasons (and many do it).

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Kalashnikov: legend or anti-brand?

4 years, 7 months ago
Hi, Habr!

Today let's talk about industrial branding. Namely — about the Kalashnikov. On the website the Structure was published by opinions on recently presented logo, and the website of the weapon Kalashnikov brand lies here. All perfectly know that it is a domestic legend, but that's it as "legend" — it does not look.

Let's shed a few tears we will look at this logo. And on the website.


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Gloomy history of acquaintance of a linuksoid to Windows 8

4 years, 9 months ago
I welcome community. I want to tell of one gloomy history because it is difficult to keep it in itself, and cry on shoulder two friends supporters not very much helped.

I decided to change from the desktop computer on the notebook as my profession has a direct bearing most on IT (the main work — the engineer of department of information technologies, plus web programming "there, here") and sometimes it is useful to take a figurative workplace. There was on hand a netbook, but the diagonal of its screen did me to long at the moments of work on the websites and according to intellectual and computing characteristics he not especially shone.

The last, probably, years 7 main and only operating system at me of Arch Linux, cost everywhere: on the working computer, on house, on the netbook, on VPS. I will not paint all pluses of web development in Linux now, I will tell only that I am simply happy to work in this system. So, upon purchase of the notebook of a question of the choice of a distribution kit did not stand.

With the notebook there was a preset Windows 8, I decided not to take down everything on a disk this time, and to try to make friends both systems. After all, for system, respectively, the price of the device was wound and would not be superfluous to have just in case near at hand a product of Microsoft (something to start or to run about at a leisure to some Igarka, the notebook, after all, not weak). A task, in principle, quite trivial, with the clause that the notebook had onboard UEFI with a disk GPT marking what I, frankly speaking, especially closely did not work with.

Read manuals on this subject, began to work. Reduced the section with Windows content to 100 GB, the section at the roots of Linux created after it one more 100 GB, after it undressed under Swap, used the remained place in the form of the NTFS section for data for both systems. After it left not touched recovery partition. Set Arch Linux, everything was got without problems, both systems by clicking of F12 were loaded.

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Day of good! I give free of charge useful things

4 years, 9 months ago
I welcome all!
I got into the cabinet something there today to get — took a view, and understood that at me too much unnecessary accumulated to me things. Even forgot why climbed.

I always try to get rid from unnecessary me more things — or I give them, or ruthlessly I throw out on a garbage can. Draft to I throw out old stuff appeared at me about ten years ago when I found in a cabinet in the parents two idle lamp TVs standing the friend on the friend.

— Mothers, you, why these TVs? They do not work!
— Let stand, will be useful … Maybe we will repair sometime, will work.

Will not be. I five years ago (before repeated detection) unscrewed from them all transformers, well and so, occasionally looked for detalkam there … Certainly, only I knew about it :) But time to announce this news then both TV sets were ruthlessly teleported on the next garbage can came.

But, I distracted. Today similar day. In a cabinet things, quite suitable for use, which I do not need any more, but which can be useful to someone else were found. I will give everything absolutely free of charge, any dirty tricks. Only come and take away. I ask all become interested under kat (many photos).

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Sometimes free lunches after all happen

4 years, 10 months ago

Providing to users service, it is necessary to think of whether they will be able to abuse it, among other things.

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The first step to immortality

4 years, 10 months ago
The startup of attracts persons interested to become the first participants of interesting experiment.
Creators declare an opportunity to create your virtual double, having processed all information on you which you can provide then it was possible to communicate with this double.
Address harvesting for preliminary invayt is carried out on the project website.

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